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Bayou Cowboys of Louisiana

Louisiana.  Where cowboying goes along with part-time "gator hunting".  And Cajun and Zydeco music packs more kick than a Crawfish Etouffee.

Cattle handling draws on many roots - Franc, Canada, Africa, Spain, with a little Texas thrown in, too.

And muddy marshlands, drenching rain and vicious hurricanes wield their influence on horses, saddles and the intrepid cowboys who ride them.  So when it comes to gear, practicality rules.

Here, a cow can thrive on an acre or two of grass - compared to 100 acres in West Texas.  But a rider better pay attention when checking cows - those Cottonmouth Moccasins are not too friendly.  And watch out for "gators", one can spook your horse if he's caught by surprise.


Ranch Album $20.00 Now in DVD!

Beautifully edited, this outstanding DVD — originally released as a PBS Special — is a gut-honest, straightforward telling of the modern cowboy at work. This documentary portrays what ranching and cowboying is really all about as it seamlessly takes the viewer through all four seasons on a remote cattle ranch in the tough, high country of Arizona.

Anyone outside of the working cowboy lifestyle who is interested in or curious about the ranching West will certainly come to regard this video as a treasured gem. For those of us who are lucky enough to still be living the lifestyle and riding for the brand here in the 21st Century, the rich spirit within every frame of theRanch Album video serves as a cinematic testament which captures the pride we have for our work, the innate love and great connection we feel for the land, and the reasons why we strive to keep ranching traditions alive, even in the face of challenge and change.

Rarely has there been a documentary produced that shows such a deep and true understanding of the culture of working cowboys and their families. In one hour's time anyone will clearly understand why the spirit of the American West is not at all a thing of myth, rumor or history, but actually a truth that has at last been captured on film for posterity. We give this video our highest recommendation!Taylor Fogarty, Entertainment Editor, American Western Magazine -

"The tough life of the New West cowboy is lovingly portrayed in this gorgeous film..." -Wall Street Journal.