Wyoming Trader

Standard size is 34 1/2" square.  All of these beautiful, soft wild rags/scarfs are made of high quality 100% silk!  They have hand-rolled and hand stitched edge.

*Buy 2 or more of any of our brand of scarfs/wild rags (except for 20") and deduct $2.00 per scarf!
*Volume discounts available for clubs, organizations & businesses!
*There maybe some color variation!

Paisley Wild Rags/Scarves (12 Wt.) $30.00 

Gold & Black *Looks great with our Black or Chocolate Pioneer Shirts. Also available 42”

Raspberry & White *Looks great with our Plum Pioneer Shirt.

Wine & Olive *Looks great with our Brick or Forest Green Pioneer Shirts.

Navy & Brown *Looks great with our Plum, Gray & Chocolate Pioneer Shirts.

Brass & Bronze *Looks great with our Chocolate, Plum & Brick
Pioneer Shirts.

Silver & Smoke *Looks great with our Black or Gray Pioneer Shirt.

Chocolate & Forest Green *Looks great with our Chocolate & Forest Pioneer Shirts.

Silver & Black *Looks great with our Black & Gray Pioneer Shirts.
Also available 42”

Red & Black *Looks great with our Black Pioneer Shirt.
Also available 42”

Blue & Silver *Looks great with our Gray & Black Pioneer Shirts.
Also available 42”

Plum & Maroon (looks Rust)

Blue & Gold *Looks great with our Blue Pioneer Shirt.
Also available 42”


Red & Gold
Also available 42”

Tan & Black
Also available 42”


Cowboy Polka Dot Wild Rag/Scarfs (8 Wt.) $23.50
*Bob designed these for Wyoming Traders; a favorite design of the Old West Cowboys 

*Black, Red, and Navy available 42" for $33.70

Forest Green - Navy Blue - Red - Black



Bandana Print Wild Rags/Scarves (8 Wt.) $23.50

*Black, Navy, Red available 20" for $11.00

Forest - Black - Red - Navy




Brand Wild Rags/Scarves (8 Wt.) $23.50

Black, Royal, Sage, Tan, and Red available 42" for $33.70!
*Black, Red, Royal, Sage, Tan & Ivory (instead of gold) available 20" for $11.00!

Sage - Tan - Royal - Navy - Red - Black - Gold

Ivory- Only in the 20" size

Jacquard Wild Rags/Scarves (12 Wt.) $27.50

*Black, Royal, Sage, Charcoal, Chocolate, Maroon, Navy, and Red available 42" for $38.50!!

Root Beer - Chocolate - Silver - Charcoal - Teal - Wine - Forest Green - Maroon - Black - Royal - White - Navy - Red - Yellow - Plum - Sage - Slate Blue - Copper

Solid Wild Rags/Scarves (8 Wt.) $19.00

*Black, Navy, Red, Royal, Sage, Charcoal, Chocolate, Maroon, Forest available 42" for $27.50 
*Black, Navy, Red, Royal, Sage available 20" for $8.80

Dusty Pink - Slate Blue - Sage - Copper 
Tan - Maroon - Chocolate - Silver - Charcoal
Turquoise - Fuchsia - White - Plum - Yellow - Red
Forest Green - Light Emerald - Teal Green - Navy - Royal - Black
*Hunter Orange - not pictured

Beautiful, Fun, Limited Edition Silk Wild Rags Scarfs! (12 Wt.) $35.50

Although many of the pictures don’t show it well they all have a jacquard design in the background! Great additions to anyone’s collection!  Besides wearing they are great wall hangers or small table covers!

Limited Edition Diamond Girl

Limited Edition Cattle Drive


Limited Edition Colts and Roses

Background is a rich dark brown jacquared

Limited Edition Horse Head

Limited Edition Buffalo Bill

Limited Edition Pony Girl

Limited Edition Fence, Burgundy

Limited Edition Fence, Ivory


Limited Edition CM Russell Tan

Limited Edition CM Russell Moss

Limited Edition CM Russell Blue

Limited Edition Saddles


Limited Edition Brand Beige

Limited Edition Brand Slate Blue

Limited Edition Brand Green

The pictures don’t do these justice, they have the beautiful jacquard pattern in the background. Like the rest, the color combinations in each is outstanding!

Limited Edition Blake Tan

Limited Edition Blake Blue


Limited Edition Rodeo Girls Ivory

Limited Edition Rodeo Girls Blue


Limited Edition "Sweetie Pie" by Joelle Smith

Limited Edition "Compadres" Black by Joelle Smith


Limited Edition "Annie Girl" Black by Joelle Smith

Limited Edition "Annie Girl" Blue by Joelle Smith


Limited Edition Mustang Gold by Clark Kelley Price

Limited Edition Mustang Red by Clark Kelley Price


Limited Edition Mustang Lavender by Clark Kelley Price

Limited Edition Mustang Ivory by Clark Kelley Price


Limited Edition Windmill Silver by Teal Blake

Limited Edition Windmill Ivory by Teal Blake

Limited Edition Windmill Raspberry by Teal Blake

Limited Edition "Filly" by Joelle Smith


Satin Silk Wild Rags/Scarfs (12 Wt.) $35.50

LE #1 Burgundy

LE #2 Red

LE #3 Sage

LE #4 Black

LE #5 Silver

LE #6 Brown

LE #7 Navy

LE #8 Tan

LE #9 Gold

LE #10 Lilac

Calico Wild Rags/Scarfs (8 Wt.) $23.50

Green Floral Paisley

Pink Floral Paisley Also available 42" for $33.70


Red Flowers

Teal Flowers

Calico Blue Paisley Also available 42" for $33.70



Acanthus Also available 42" for $33.70

Calico #1 Red & blue Paisley

Calico #2 White & Lavender

Calico #3 Green & Black

Calico #4 Gunmetal

Calico #5 Lavender

Calico #6 Red Leaves

Calico #7 Navy & White

Calico #8 Blue

Calico #9 Black

Liberty Scarf (8Wt.)

Aztec Scarf Maroon/Black (8Wt.)

Aztec Scarf Teal/Tan (8Wt.)