Gun Holster & Rifle Scabbard Samples

We take a lot of pride in our workmanship and custom designs of these Gun Holsters & Rifle Scabbards!  
*Unless we have the same model gun you want a holster or scabbard made for, we will need the firearm so we can mold it for a precise fit.

Custom Gun Holsters & Gun Belts

#14 CS Holster

#13 CS Holster

#12 Gun Belt

#11 Gun Belt, Holster & Knife Sheath

#10 MW Holster & Gun Belt
Made for Ruger Black Hawk .22 Revolver w/9" Barrel

#8 SL Holster
Made for Uberti Vaquero .45 Revolver

#6 RTF Holster

#7 RF Gun Shoulder Harness w/Holster & Loop Ammo Holder
Made for a Colt Magnum .44 Revolver

#5 RT Gun Shoulder Harness w/Holster & Loop Ammo Holder
Made for a Colt .357 Revolver

#4 PS Holster & Loop Cartridge Belt
Made for a Colt .45 Revolver

#3 MD Holster
Made for a Uberti Vaquero .45 Revolver

#1 JC Holster
Made for a Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver

#2 MC Holster
Made for a Sig .40 Automatic

Rifle Scabbards

#1 PS Rifle Scabbard

#3 JR Rifle Scabbard

#2 Rifle Scabbard

#4 CM Rifle Scabbard