Hat Bands & Hat Band Buckles

Custom Hat Bands

Custom Hat Bands can be made per your specifications and include any of the hat band buckles shown below.  Call for a quote on your unique custom hat band.

Custom Hat Band

Example of a custom Hat Band.
Tooled Leather with a Brass Buckle.

Custom Hat Band

Example of a Custom Hat Band.
Custom conchos with leather tie.

Hat Band Buckles

Hat Band Buckles are available!
Click the PHOTO to see Hat Band Buckles!

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Leather Hat Bands

Leather Braided Hat Band with Leather Tassel
WWGHB275-1   $35.00

Leather Braided Hat Bands Black w/Black Tassels, Rust w/Mixed Brn Tassels #WWGHB275-1H $35.00 (For bigger hats)

Round Braided Leather with Rawhide Knots
Sorrel w/White Tassel
JHB60  $72.00

Leather Hat Band with Metal Spots
SUN   $24.00

Braided Horse Hair Hat Bands

Horsehair Braided Hat Bands
Only White,  Black & White, Black Available!
#AAHB82P $17.00

CHH70 Hat Band #1

7 Strand Horse Hair Braided Hat Bands
Black/White/Grey  #1
WWCHH70   $48.00

3 Strand Horse Hair Braided Hat Band
WWHH03K2   $25.00