Jeremiah Watt Bits

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DESIGNER AUTHORIZED IMPORTS This will be a first for Jeremiah Watt Products. They took their production of their SNAFFLE BITS overseas. The reasons are many, but the primary problem was they had grown tired of watching constant product theft. They assure you that the quality is great, and the price is even better than before.

Know the difference: You will see that the LOGO has been moved on each snaffle, and is now easy to see on the front of the barrel. Also we now have a mouth that is a full 5.25 width.

SNAFFLES, are the primary bit used when starting colts, it is quite simple really. The snaffle allows us to convey our intention to a young horse without causing fear. These bits are made with the right amount of weight to have presence in the horse's mouth, and contain the right amount of copper to promote and maintain that moist and receptive mouth that all horsemen desire. Plus, they have the right amount of finish to let all of those who stop to admire a JWP bit know they are looking at a quality tool.


Jeremiah Watt Ring Snaffle (Import)
This is the product that started Jeremiah’s Company, they have improved it here in the version that you see today. The older version was always right on the 5" width, and folks kept asking for a quarter inch more, so the new mouth is the 5.25” width. The rings are the same size as always. The ball diameter was increased just a little to accommodate the wider mouth. Please note that the LOGO has now been placed on the front of the ball, making it easy for you to know the old bits from these new ones. All of these Ring Snaffles have a copper inlaid mouth that has been highly polished, the finish is a hot blue.
5.25" $60.00

New Jeremiah Watt Fancy Ring Snaffle
They have taken their very popular Ring Snaffle, with all its attributes, and combined it with a very snappy looking stainless ring with the floral design on it! It is not much heavier than the regular ring snaffle
5 1/4” $130.00

New Jeremiah Watt Fancy Ring Snaffle w/Concho
They have taken their very popular Ring Snaffe with all it’s attributes and combined it with a very snappy looking stainless ring with the floral design on it and then added their beautiful concho!
5 1/4” $180.00

Jeremiah Watt Egg-Butt Snaffle (Import)
Made with a 5” width sweet steel mouth with plenty of Copper inlaid. The metal is highly polished and then hot blued.