The reins we have in stock are 20% Off.  We have the romal reins as well as split reins and roping reins.  Romal reins are rawhide and leather.  The split reins are leather with rawhide accents, horse hair, mohair and yak.  The roping reins are braided & harness leather and horse hair.

Romel Reins

Rawhide Decorated Romal Reins SRR12-2  50"
Rawhide Decorated Romal Reins SRR12-2
Rawhide Decorated Romal Reins SRR12CX
Rawhide Decorated Romal Reins SRR12CX

12 Plait Rawhide Special Romal Reins w/Ortega Style Decorated Rawhide Knots
50” Long
#SRR12-2 OrtegaX $600.00

12 plait Rawhide Romel Reins w/CA Knots. 40” #SRR12CX $420.00

Les Vogt Fancy Rein/Slobber Chain Swivels
Les Vogt's new silver inlaid rein chain connector swivel. The swivel will add weight for more pre-load and help keep your reins from twisting.

Leather Split Reins

Bridle Leather w/Flat Braided Rawhide w/Rust Latigo Accents Basket Stamped.
Brown w/Rust Dec  96" Long
#VLD20 $140.00

Mohair Split Reins
1/2” w/Rawhide Connectors $184.00
Approx. 8 1/2’ Long


Two of this Color

Mohair Split Reins
5/8” w/Rawhide Connectors $196.00
Approx. 8 1/2’ Long


Roping Reins

Round Braided Leather Roping Reins
Natural w/Stainless    93 1/2" long
WWSRR04  $84.00

Horsehair Roping Reins w/Tassels!
1/2” $156.00
One Pair!

Horse Hair Roping Reins
5/8” w/Rawhide Connectors $84.00
Approx. 8 1/2’ - 8 3/4’ Long