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Double Diamond Ultra XXXS Horse Rope
with a Buck Brannaman Hondo.
**Best For Horse Training
5/16” x 60’ $104.00

**These aged nylon lariats have a distinct resemblance to the rawhide reata in terms of life and pliability, but with the strength of nylon. This is an excellent rope for use with horses in the branding corral.

Buck Brannaman Horse Rope 5/16” XXX Soft aged nylon.
**Best For Ranch Roping
A long time in development, this rope was designed to be the synthetic version of the traditional rawhide riata's. Although we know there is no substitute for a real rawhide reata, this is the next best thing. The rope has the pliability of a riata, but the strength and long life of nylon. This is an excellent rope for roping horses or in the branding pen, and it only gets better with age!
* You can get a right or left hand twist.
#KBB 60 Foot $85.50 One Left Handed 60" left!
#KBB 45 Foot $76.75

No Hondo w/Knot
5/16” x 45’ $52.75

Rawhide Reatas - vary in length, 4 Plait, 5/16”-3/8” in diameter. $8.00 per foot.

Montana Buckaroo Hondo $24.00 5/16”
Great Basin Hondo $25.00 5/16”
Fancy San Juan Rawhide Hondo $54.00 5/16”
Fancy Folded Rawhide Hondo $52.00 5/16”
Vaquero Rawhide Hondo $36.00 5/16”
Plastic Breakaway Hondo $5.00 5/16”
Black Magic Plastic Breakaway Hondo $12.00 5/16”
Hooey Loop Plastic Breakaway Hondo $18.00 5/16”
San Juan Rawhide Hondo $54.00 5/16”