Ray Hunt

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The Man Ray Hunt has started more than 10,000 colts. For the last 30 years he has been giving educational clinics throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Ray Hunt - Colt Starting
Deluxe 5-Hours of hands-on instruction 
As Ray often mentions to folks -
"I'm here for the horse - to help him get a better deal".
Spend three days with America's most effective horseman as he starts four previously unridden colts. The Ray Hunt Colt Starting Clinic you've always wanted to attend - - Ray himself working with the colts from the ground!

These DVD's contain material and instruction rarely seen by any but Ray's personal friends. Here Ray works with colts at a depth not often seen in any horse training videotape.

A major lesson to learn from Ray Hunt is that the beginning is not only the most interesting, but he most important part of a horse's education. Here you'll see all four colts achieve important "firsts" - first saddling, first bridling, first ride, first group ride, and on to beginning training exercises. This is what sets up a horse's career for success, no matter what breed or discipline.

An important and unusual aspect of this video series is that it is presented almost in real time. Instead of just showing "before" and "after", leaving out what (and how long) it might take to achieve various training mileposts, what you see is what actually happened. Or as Ray would put it, you'll get to see "what happened before what happened, happened."

All sequences were photographed using broadcast-quality cameras. Real-time duplication was used (SP mode) to preserve fidelity and to give long -lasting quality training DVD that you can enjoy over and over again.

Ray Hunt - Back To The Beginning Vol. 1
DVD $29.95
From the time it all began, Ray Hunt has tried to show the human how to approach the horse. Many have tried to emulate, which is the highest form of flattery, but none have had the feel, timing and balance which Ray works on still to this day. Ray is always working from where the horse is at, being aware of the horses physical and mental expression. There is nothing mystical, just a man with a passion for horses ever thinking, ever feeling, always working on how much less he can do to get the understanding come through. 

A real treat! This DVD is a 60 minute demonstration of Ray's colt starting magic from the early 80s. You will not be disappointed in this valuable footage of the master.

Ray Hunt - Think CD  $15.00

In this 80 minute CD you will hear just Ray Hunt share his thoughts about horses and people.

Ray spent his life observing how horses learn. This humble and integral horseman considered by many to be the best that ever lived, shared his wisdom and knowledge around the world. Conducting thousands of demonstrations, as well as countless horsemanship clinics where he started more horses under saddle than any other horseman alive. He credited his friend and mentor Tom Dorrance as the inspiration that shaped the way he learned from and worked with horses. 
"Very Good! A must have for Ray Hunt fans!!" —Out West Saddlery

Ray Hunt - Cowboy Logic

MUST HAVE BOOK for those who
have love and respect for the horse,
and the man behind the legend.

If you have ever stepped into the corral, or spent time corral side with the legendary Ray Hunt, the contents of this 6 by 6 book, Ray Hunt - Cowboy Logic is going to be as familiar to you as the legend himself. Ray has been saying the same thing to different people in clinics around the world for the last 40 years. Ray's quotations have been compiled along with photos of Ray at the Gang Ranch clinic in Canada during July 2003 (photos by WT Bruce).

  • This is a must have book for those who have love and respect for the horse, and the man behind the legend.

The Fort Worth Benefit presented by Ray Hunt
DVD  $69.95
Fort Worth, Texas, where some of the world's greatest horsemen and women meet for two days of Colt Starting and Horsemanship under the watchful expert eye of Ray Hunt. But most of all, they've come to pay tribute to Tom Dorrance, the legendary man who changed the way the human relates to the horse, somewhat to the benefit of the human, but greatly to the benefit of the horse. This three part video captures the excitement, the humor, the fun, and most of all, the dedication to the horse and to giving him the best deal possible. 

Mornings are for Colt Starting. The Clinicians randomly draw for colts from four ranches, Hunt, 6666, Pitchfork and Moorhouse. We follow the clinicians over two mornings as they catch the colts, work them on the ground, saddle them and - with Ray's insight and coaching¡ªtake that first all important ride. 

Afternoons are reserved for Horsemanship Class. Here we meet new participants, joining some of the clinicians from the Colt Starting class. Many have come with their own horses in tow, while others ride horses supplied for them. Since the horses have various levels of experience, the Horsemanship Classes are both insightful and exciting. 

One: Saturday Morning: Colt Starting in four round corrals. 

Two: Saturday Morning: Colt Starting continues. Saturday Afternoon: Horsemanship class in the arena. Sunday Morning: One round corral is set up in the middle of the arena as the Clinicians work with the same colts as Saturday morning. 

Three: Sunday Morning: Colt Starting continues. Then a special sequence gives us unique insight into the way Ray works with his own horse. Sunday Afternoon: Horsemanship class in two sessions.

Ray Hunt Appreciation Clinic
2005 Western Horseman of the Year
2 DVD’s Over 8 Hours $69.95
The historic Fort Worth Stockyards was the place to be April 2 & 3, 2005. Family, riders, and spectators came from all over the globe to pay tribute to the legendary horseman Ray Hunt. Over the years Ray has had a dramatic influence in all aspects of the horse indurstry world wide. 

The Cowtown Coliseum played host for this special event, as everyone hung on each and every word Ray spoke from horseback. Each morning started with Ray's grandchildren starting young unhandled colts. Horsemanship class was filled with well known horsemen and women, who brought their horses to ride with Ray. 

A banquet was held Saturday night to bestow a prestigous award to Ray Hunt. Western Horseman presented Ray with the first ever 2005 Horseman of the Year Award. "This inaugural recognition is presented to Ray Hunt in appreciation for devotion to learning and teaching, which, in turn, has enriched the lives and productivity of horses and people worldwide.