Roping & Whip Cracking DVDs

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Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping
With Martin Black

$49.95 Sorry-Sold Out!
1 Hour 30 Minutes

Martin Black's family has maintained the ranching tradition on the same ranch  since 1865. His great grandfather grew up with the horsemanship and roping of  the vaqueros that brought their large herds of cattle to the Great Basin in the 1870s. For several generations, the style, principles and ethics have been handed down.

Martin would like to share some insight to the culture and traditions that he has lived and hopes to preserve and pass it on for others to enjoy.

This DVD showcases everyday life on a real working ranch set at the base of the beautiful Steens mountains in southeastern Oregon on the historic Alvord Ranch. Martin and Frank Dominguez show examples and explain the details of the stockmanship, horsemanship, team-work and dedication of traditional ranch-roping while accomplishing the job of summer branding.

Rodea Style Ranch Roping Part 2:
The Answers To Your Questions With Martin Black

$59.95   Sorry-Sold Out!
2 hour 30 Minutes

Martin Black’s family has been raising livestock on the same lands in Owyhee County in Idaho for over 150 years. The desire to maintain and preserve  tradition runs deep within Martin. The Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping DVD, the first of its kind, covering Great Basin style roping stirred up a lot of curiosity for the real deal and the questions started pouring in.

This DVD, shot on the historic Alvord Ranch with the beautiful Steen mountains in the background, addresses the questions raised by the first DVD.  Pull up a chair and join in as three of the top Great Basin ropers, John Schutte, Wade Black, and Martin, share their knowledge and humor with you in a relaxed, unrehearsed atmosphere. Martin’s library of old family photos and home movies, the knowledge and humor of three of the top Great Basin ropers along with exclusive music from Pedro Marquez makes this both educational and entertaining.

You will enjoy several hours of detailed explanation in roping, horsemanship,  stockmanship and much more. Martin’s unique insight and perspective will benefit  both the experienced ropers and beginners alike. These DVD’s can be studied  individually but as a set, they are much more comprehensive.

There's Roping to Do (Ranch Roping - From the Ground Up)
(by Joe Wolter, with special guest Bill Dorrance)

There's Roping to Do takes the viewer through all aspects of ranch roping, from the basics through advanced techniques. Joe Wolter thoroughly explains and demonstrates various ranch roping and livestock handling techniques, with additional comments by Bill Dorrance. Topics covered include: Building a Loop, The Swing, Head Shots, Working in a Herd, Working on the Ground, Heel Shots, Dallying, and Roping on Your Horse the First Time. This is an excellent video for anyone interested in learning the California vaquero style ranch roping, or for the skilled practitioner wanting to improve current ranch roping and livestock handling skills.

DVD running time is approx. 2 hrs.

The Californios Presents
Roping & Stock Handling Techniques
In The Great Basin & Old California Tradions
Traditional Stockmanship Series: Volume 1
1 hour 30 minutes wide screen format

This incredibly photographed, documentary style instructional piece takes viewers deep into the world of the buckaroo at work, branding cattle on the western ranges in the “rodear style”

David Weaver offers a lifetime of experience from the big outfits of the region while Gwynn brings the ethical relationship between horses, cattle and stockmen into focus. Their clear insights, learned in their decade long Ranch Roping Clinic tours prove to be a balanced, interesting mix of theory and  application.

Peppered with actual interviews with some of the regions handiest cowboys, hard to get information is intricately woven into spectacular actual footage.  Martin Black, Buck Brannaman, and Larry Schutte, to name a few, share their unique insights and opinions. More than just philosophy, this in depth masterpiece chronicles a way of life while educating viewers on the finer points of branding. From the peripheral details of gathering, size and shape of  branding traps, where to put the fire, ground work and stock management; to the actual roping, setting up shots, dallying, running rope, pulling, managing calves at the fire, slack handling and the etiquette that saturates it all. In addition, there are tips for handling green horses through the ever changing situations of the branding pen, as well as information about the signature rope of the buckaroo; the rawhide reata.

Set against the strikingly beautiful high desert vistas of the Great Basin and the oak studded hills of California, this DVD is a must have for all who hope to achieve true handiness or anyone enamored with the West and its time honored stockmanship.

The Californios Ranch Roping & Stock Horse Contest Highlights Volume 1
$39.95 43 minutes

Welcome to the land of 60 foot ropes and 40 foot throws! Where spade bits gleam beneath the bright lights and fine bridle horses and "reata men" still grace the arena! 

Through the years many have requested video footage of the event. This DVD is a compilation of seven years of video highlights captured at this unique ranch roping event. From the grainy images of the event in its early years, to dazzling images of our recent performances, the DVD gives viewers a lengthy visual experience of attending The Californios. 

Ranch roping buffs, seasoned hands, and all interested in the vaquero/buckaroo traditions will thoroughly enjoy this 43 minute video montage set to up beat music. It is a mixture of roping clips, stock horses and competitors, doing what they do best, roping their way into Californios history!

Here are two excellent videos to teach you from beginning to more advanced Whip Cracking! #V0172 $19.95 Whip Cracking Made Easy #1 Beginner Teaches the four basic whip maneuvers seen is circus, night clubs, and wild west shows! 1 left! #V0248 $19.95 Whip Cracking Made Easy #2 Advanced  Teaches multiple cracking, 2 handed whip handling, and target cutting! OUT!