Bosal Accessories

OWS Bosal Blocks!!  $30.00
We have designed and make these bosal blocks to properly pre-form your bosal to a horse’s nose & jaw shape so it doesn’t rub him raw and then you store your hackamore when not in use with the block to keep the shape.
The size shown fits most standard horses.  Custom lengths available!

Ray Hole’s Vaquero Rawhide Cream 11 oz. #VRC $16.00
Nothing better is formulated to give any fine rawhide product the nourishment it so badly needs to remain in a fine using condition and to protect your investment. If rawhide dries out and becomes brittle it can break and is usually not repairable!  **You can use this on leather but you should not use leather cream on rawhide.

How to Measure For a Bosal:
Run your finger up from the nostril to where you feel the beginning of the nasal cavity. This is where you want to wrap the tape measure around at a straight angle to find the diameter of your horse’s nose.  With that information we can determine the proper size bosal that has room for the mecate wraps and space for proper movement and release.

The top of my index finger is where the beginning of the nasal cavity is on Cracker (Horse) Left & Dilly (Mule) Right

Where the bosal should rest on the horse's delicate nasal bone. 

Skeletal view of Bosal Fitting