Rein Chain

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Rein Chains/Slobber Chains are used to protect your reins from water, and refine your communication with your horses's mouth by adding weight to the rein. This allows your cues to reach the horse with less effort than just reins, creating a difference in the overall lightness of your hands and your horse's responsiveness.

Les Vogt Rein Chains/Slobber Chains $96.00

#RC5 Double Link (10" browned no longer available)
#RC2 Short Triangle
#RC2 Long Triangle
#RC3 Fish Leader (No longer Available)
#RC1 Short Swivel-In-The-Center
#RC1 Long Swivel-In-The-Center
*These are handmade so the lengths are approximate.
We stock the rein chains in Stainless Steel & Browned.

DB Rein Chains $96.00

#RC5 Double Link
Stainless, Browned or Brass Rein Chains

#RC3 Fish Leader
Browned or Brass Rein Chains