Horse Hair Tassels are just the thing to add to your horse gear for added decoration.  The tassels are easy to attach and come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors.  Get noticed on your next horseback outing!!

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Hitched Horse Hair Knot. Double Mule Tail Tassels
Black/White or White/Black    Approx. 2”.
AAHH200-13S $10.00

Hitched Horse Hair Knot Double Tassels
Black&White or Black    Overall length Approx. 3”.
AAHH200-2    $7.00

Double Mule Tail Tassels AAHH200-13S
HH200-2  #1  Tassel

Rawhide Braided Knot Tassels
Approx. 4”  
Grey & White
* Colors vary slightly!
#WWHH12RH $10.00

Hitched Horse Hair Knot
Single Mule Tail Tassels  Approx. 4" long
AAHH200-MM  $8.50

#7 Black/White