Martin Black

"Martin Black knows horses from the inside out. He has learned the Buckaroo style horsemanship from his people of the Great Basin country. They were legends in their own time. Martin has carried this style of  Buckaroo and Vaquero work for all to view. Great Job!” - Ernie Morris ROUNDPEN TO ARENA Series From the Great Basin Tradition with Martin Black

Roundpen To Arena Part 1 - Foundation Martin takes a 3-year-old from ride 5 to ride 11, as you watch  the progression of each ride you will see the quiet manner the cold maintains as  he advances through the basic maneuvers to establish a well rounded  foundation. Running Time 1 hour 20 min. $49.95 Sale Price $30.00!

Roundpen to Arena Part 2 - Progression Martin demonstrates on a 3-year-old with 60 rides how the earlier foundation  work starts to take shape with more precision and speed, and at the same time  maintains the colt’s confidence. Running Time 1 hour $49.95 Sale Price $30.00!

Roundpen to Arena ParT 3 - Refinement Martin demonstrates with more experienced horses the progression of the  maneuvers to a higher level, and gives some exercises and tips that were not  covered in #1 and #2. Running Time 1 hour $49.95 Sale Price $30.00!

Colt Starting Philosophy by Martin Black
Topics Covered:
*Martin's five basic principles of horsemanship
*A horse's need for self-preservation
*Finding and using the center of gravity
*Seeking relief vs. yielding from pressure
*Creating a crisis to gain confidence
*Working with an aggressive stallion
*Also, halter preparation, catching, saddle preparation, flag work, saddling, bridling, preparing to mount, first ride, transitions, and much more

$49.95 DVD
Approx. Run Time 1 hour 45 minutes
Sale Price $30.00!