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Ashlee Rayner Jessica Demczuk this will be my grand children..except maybe not with the snow haha

best pony ever!!!!!!!

Sandy Davis

Jungo Laura

An oldie but a goodie! 
These were the 3rd pair of chaps (batwing style) that Bob made back when the shop was just getting started in the early 90s. Arent they crazy awesome? :D


Comment on Facebook

Hoo boy...we're probably gonna be moving to Wyoming next year. Wonder how long it will be before I'm ordering a set of woolies from you guys? 😍😍😍

Oh wow!! Can they be ordered? I should say "replicas"

I love them Terri!


Comment on Facebook

This is great video;BUT she doesn't have an exclusive on these feelings. I'm 75 now and all of my horses help me feel the same way. Really great post; but some of horsemen feel the same way.

Leora Akiva and Carol Koltz and Mary Ciais I thought of you while reading this.

I am there!!

Dee Longfield

Something to make you smile!!  She looks a lot like Layna Sanchez our saddlery assistant Kindra Jorgensons precious!


Comment on Facebook

Awwhhhhh... it does look like her.

Yep she has gone, it's horses now👍👍

I love it !

Treveé Green

Some more beautiful and unique custom belts!Image attachment


Comment on Facebook

Can’t wait to visit your shop during next Parelli Summit !!!

So very beautiful


Comment on Facebook

this is stunningly classic

O my gosh. I want one!

Really really lovely!!


Gorgeous. Beautiful work

Tommy Miller

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Chinks #416
Black and brown cant help but look beautiful and sophisticated together on any piece of fashion, but especially horse gear! 
With Celtic knots and peony flower tooling, these chinks are meaningful and unusual, and the antiqued horseshoe conchos and spots on the edges, give them that extra pop of cowgirl bling. 
Please feel free to contact us if you would like something similar made for you!Image attachmentImage attachment


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Are these sold?

Wow!!!...approximately what price???

They are beautiful!

These are awesome!!!

NOW...these I LOVE!

Where’s the drool button?😍



Marcoux Christine


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Those are beautiful! I love the colors!

Beautiful, nice job!

Price in Australia dollars please

Looks great. I got a hint of red with my black ones. Love it

OH! I really like these! My favorite colors!

Scott Schieck... My birthday is right around the corner 😉😉


One day!!! 😍

Wow! I think these must be some of the most gorgeous chinks I've seen 😍

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Hey darlin, congrats on 20 years, been fun watching your business grow, still have wild rags from 20 yrs ago, great company and family. Here's to 20 more !? !!

That's wonderful! Very pretty. Congratulations!

And they are even more spectacular in real life!

Congratulations! Wishing you all the best!

Congratulations Terri! Long service should always be recognised and do a great job there! Love your work!

Congratulations Terri! Long service should always be recognised and do a great job there! Love your work!

Gorgeous! And you deserve it!

Absolutely beautiful..


so beautiful


Style that lasts forever. And congratulations!!!

Great belts !


Wow! Beautiful! You certainly deserve it!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😊

You deserve it!! 💞

Very nice!

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Thanks to Callie Slagowski for sharing these pictures of her new husband and groomsmen wearing their Cowboy Images Copper Jacquard wild rags they got from us.  They all look mighty handsome as well as the young fella and the dog!Image attachment
The Out West Saddlery Family wishes you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!

Thank you all for your support and participation and we look forward to sharing with you in 2018!

We will be closed Dec 22, 2017 - Jan 1, 2018 for the holidays and end of the year inventory count.

Bob, Terri, Emily, Estella & Kindra

PS Sadly this is a past picture, we dont have but a dusting so far....this is my way of doing a snow dance visualizing how it will be soon :)


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Buon Natale ora è già passato e un felicissimo Anno Nuovo ciao

Merry merry all of and Colton were so glad to meet u..we lov the music and the silk rags ..

Merry Christmas! Glad to see you've got some snow!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and family, Here's to a great 2018 !!

Merry Christmas to you all❤️

Merry Christmas!xxxooo

auguri di buon natale e felice anno nuovo dal italia

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to you all as well

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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We have a huge scarf selection, and this new scarf design Country Bouquet happened to match perfectly with this pretty pair of brown and turquoise chaps. 
This is one of our exclusive print scarves, and there are only a few more available before the material runs out. They come in 36 and 44 squares, and are $50 or $60 respectively. 
*Chaps are sold, but we can make more in that color scheme.


Comment on Facebook

Is this scarf silk?

Price? More detail!!

Is this for sale?


Here’s hoping Santa comes through for me this year !


Really pretty!!

Beautiful! Always!

those. waaaant.

Thayne Kauer this scarf ☺️

So this could be weight loss for me! I could purchase Chinks in a smaller size so I would want to lose weight to get into them.

Maria Therese Sommarset... Når vi blir rik...

I absolutely love those!! Chinks!!

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Beautiful. I love the design, the conchos and the leather. Nice job ♥️

Wow, just wow!


Very handsome as always.


Comment on Facebook

Coming from a vet... those are AWSOME!!! I did 3 tours in my 9 yr stretch...
good job
God bless and
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Out West!

I love the eagle chaps as i am an eagle scout and have tought horsemanship maritbadge at scout camps. I just dont need another pair of shotguns lol.

Speechless !! Out did yourself....Again !!! ❤❤❤🤠

Too good!!!

Beautiful 👌👍

WOW !!

Hoooooly wow


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OLD TIME PIONEER SHIRT SALE!! 15% OFF THROUGH DECEMBER 21st!!  See the web site for all the colors available!


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I love my shirts

Lookin good!

Looking for an awesome last minute Christmas gift? 

We have beautiful certificates that you can buy for EITHER a fixed amount to be used towards anything in the shop OR 1/2 down on the base price of a specific item. 

This is perfect if you know your loved one wants a custom Out West Saddlery Item such as bucking rolls, chinks, chaps, a headstall, or a belt, but you want to let them design it themselves after Christmas so they can have exactly what they want! 

We will mail you these printed color certificates, filled out with your loved ones name and the amount or item it will be for, in a quality envelope. 

Call us at 970-264-2524 to order in time for Christmas! 
*Certificates are only valid if hand-signed by Bob or Terri Beecher.Image attachment


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Great gift idea, from true craftsman👍👍🇳🇿

Let me just say that this is a perfect gift idea! I have recieved so many compliments on my chinks that OWS made. They are so comfortable, functional and beautiful.

Out West Saddlery added 8 new photos.
Out West Saddlery

Mark Rashid's awesome movie "Out Of The Wild" that features the custom saddle Bob made for the movie has FINALLY been released after 4 long years of waiting!!

We watched it streaming on Amazon. What a treat!! Such a beautiful story of redemption, healing of the soul with the help of a special mustang and strong woman, great message about how horses should be treated and modern cowboy life.

We love the beginning message in the movie of "When The Body Is Beaten...It's The Spirit That Keeps The Soul Alive"

Bob Beecher (aka Clarence Beecher, the name of the saddle maker in the movie) made the featured saddle in the movie designed to look old from the late 1800's but fit today's horses. The design included Mark's vision of what the saddle should look like from the book Mark wrote that the movie is based on.
See below the "back story" on the saddle for the movie.
It was such a thrill to see the saddle on a big screen!

See our website for a picture gallery on the making of the saddle:

It is available to see:
Online download: iTunes, Amazon video, Comcast, Verizon, Vudu, Microsoft, Playstation, Google, Dish, Time Warner, Cos, Cablevision, Charter, Frontier

Physical (DVD, etc): Walmart, Amazon, Ingram, AEC, Vobile, Baker & Taylor and Waxworks.

The Story of Henry's Saddle by Mark Rashid

One of the "characters" in both the novel and the movie is Henry's saddle. Like all of the film's characters, the saddle has what is known as a "back story" - a history of the pertinent things that have happened to the character that attribute to where the character is when the story begins. The saddle's story begins in the 1880's, when Henry's great grandfather, William, and his wife, Clare, immigrate to the U.S. from Ireland. Sheep herders in Ireland, the McBride's eventually find their way to Texas, where William takes a job as a cowboy at the Rocking Chair Ranch near Houston. There, he becomes friends with another cowboy and saddle maker, Clarence Beecher. Clarence builds William a working man's saddle, with very few adornments (as was custom in the day) with the exception of William's initials, which are carved into the back of the cantle (the back of the saddle's seat) and a celtic thistle flower, which is carved into the cap of the saddle horn. The celtic thistle is important to William in that it is his wife's favorite flower, and he wanted it on his saddle as a reminder of his wife while out on long cattle drives.

In the movie, the saddle is now a family heirloom that has been handed down through generations and finally ended up with Henry. It is the only possession he owns that means anything to him, and which he doesn't want to live without. It is also a very rare saddle, as Clarence Beecher only made a handful of saddles during his life and due to the quality and workmanship he put into them, they have become highly collectable.

Because of the specialness of the saddle, and it's importance to the overall story, a new saddle needed to be built specifically to fill the role. But the saddle also needed to look old and well used, along with special care given to make sure it would actually fit the horses' backs on which it would be used. The producers contacted expert saddle maker Bob Beecher, and his wife Terri, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Bob is a maker of fine, period-looking saddles, and after a brief discussion, Bob and Terri enthusiastically agreed to build this very special saddle for the movie.

Several hours of discussions followed between the producers and Bob and Terri so as to get the saddle's design, color and components just right, and then construction of the saddle began. All of the major components of the saddle, including the saddle tree (the platform on which the saddle is built) and the stirrups, were custom built specifically for this particular saddle. ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago


Comment on Facebook

It is an amazing saddle that I continue to use during our clinics around the country! Thank you Bob and Terri!

This looks a great saddle could you pm me a price on one like that but with rounded skirt 15 inch seat

I would Love to have one, like it. Very nice craftsmanship! 🙂

What's the price on the saddle

Bob congrats on getting the credit you deserve. Hope this drop-kicks you to even more acclaim. And the saddle is just right for the period. Well done.

Where do you see this movie.

Impressive... would love to see the movie ♡

Beatiful 😍

Absolutely gorgeous saddle. I'm honored to own & ride in one of Bob's works of art!

Beautiful saddle! Congratulations Bob.🌞

Gorgeous saddle, Bob! Looking forward to watching the movie!

looks like a huge saddle
size ????

That is awesome! I will try to find the movie and watch it!

This old west style is my favourite style saddle, I love em, this is a perfect example 👍👍

What a honor!!!!

Beautiful, Bob!

Absolutely beautiful !

Great movie. Just watched it. 😊

Kathy Seitzer Taylor Steele

Michelle Heckman-Smith

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I need some of these...

Price and size please


Love the conchos!

Mya Wood.

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We are excited to introduce the newest member of the Out West Saddlery family Kindra Jorgenson!  She is our new saddlery assistant. She is a very talented leather worker and has brought an extra ray of sunshine to the shop!  To learn more about the rest of our family see the About Us page on our web site www.outwestsaddlery.comImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

I absolutely love my work family! Thanks for making me feel like part of the team!

Glad to have met Kindra today. I can tell she fits right in.

Congratulations Team❤️

Fantastic! Looking forward to meeting her.

Leah, Suzanne

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Its mass production here at OWS before the holidays! 12 chink and chap orders pulled and ready to be made! The leather elves are hard at work!


Comment on Facebook

Curious, how long does it usually take to make a pair?

How much for that framed picture?

If you ever wanted to make custom cowboy boots...😁

Looks great, all this beautiful materials, makes you want to get at it, love the old cross cut saws👍👍🇳🇿🇳🇿

Wow!!! I luv mine!

Joseph Johnson
Thought you might like this page.

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Bradley Holloway


Comment on Facebook

Those are stunning! I hope, someday, to order a pair myself

5 Star Saddlery should be the name.
Just Say'n.❤❤❤❤❤



Absolutely beautiful! 😍



beautiful work.

Love it!

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Chaps #227 FOR SALE 
Chocolate brown lightweight soft hide with turquoise accents, barbed wire stamping, and some pretty concho bling! 
These are petit sized. Please contact us about measurements on here or by calling 970-264-2524 or emailing outwestsaddlery@gmail.comImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

These are quite nice, they match my saddle! Hmmmm. They are my size I think

Be still my ❤️

Love these!


Seriously drooling...

Maegan McCaw 😍😍😍

Elizabeth Hart

Kalina Norman

Debra Selby Mills

Jim Brantley I 💕!

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Chinks #400 were sent to England and used to compete in the European Championships in Germany this Summer.
The hair-on hide sure adds some extra pizazz!Image attachmentImage attachment


Comment on Facebook


They looked cool on

Works of art...

Your work is amazing! Bet you love your job!!

Absolutely Stunning!!!

Wow Awesome 💗



Beautiful!!! I love those!

I'm in love

Gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I'd love these



These look great, job well done👍

Ganz ganz toll super

I'm not a horse person but I know these are very nice

These are sooo beautiful!

Just delightful.

They are gorgeous!

Love love love those.

Peggy Spangler Becker these are gorgeous

Kelly Hicks

David Deptford Sarah's chinks ! Beautiful

Check these out Robin Perry Hudson !!! 🙂 🙂

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I love the pop, of the contrasting red.

That´s cool! Ant the cinks are just beautiful!

Absolutely gorgeous!

To all of our friends and followers.....we apologize for a lack of fun posts.  Estella & I (Terri) are going to Scotland for a bucket list trip until 10/9 so been hustling to get as many orders and things done as possible before leaving Monday.  So during that time things will be quiet on face book since Bob doesnt do computers :)  Attached picture is Lake Lomond where we plan to of many beautiful places.  Any Outlander fans out there?  We hope to visit some of the filming sites as well.  Thank you all for following us!


Comment on Facebook

Have a great time! I just drooled over that dogwood saddle again the other day! LOL!

Take some good midgey repellent. Those little guys can make walking in our bonnie country pretty awful.

Have a great trip! Loving the book you recommended!! Thanks again for your advice and help! Can not wait to come see you again! 😃

Aaaaaw I wish you an amazing time up there!! I would have loved to meet you but I am too far (South west Uk), but i m sure you will meet amazing people in Scotland! Have fun!!

Have a great time you two! I am a huge Outlander fan and have Scottish heritage, so Im very envious!

Wow Terri, we are in Scotland right now!! Fantastic place. PM me for any questions/help. I'm glad to pass along info/recommendations.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Have a wonderful time both of you! Sounds like an amazing adventure! Yes, Outlander fan!

Have a wonderful holiday, share lots of pictures so we can travel with you

Total Outlander fan! Enjoy your time...😁

Have fun!!

Have a great vacation!

Ps I'm an Outlander fan too!

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Chinks #403 
Isnt blue and brown just the prettiest combination? 
The proud owner of these says: 
Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job on my chinks. They are perfect!
They are everything I hoped for and more. I love them!
Thank you again!Image attachmentImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

WOW, those are beautiful!!

Wow...just wow.

Those are really pretty!,,,, my favorite color!

I think i need these

Those are gorgeous..i just realized I need chinks with pockets for my diabetic supplies! Brilliant;)

I love the color combination!

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the blue & brown!



So, so lovely!. Might have to pop up the Christmas list early !!!

Sara Barlow for your cowboy dressage ensemble.

Mary Gates this is my Aunt Terri and Uncle Bob who create these beautiful pieces!

I'd love a pair in this color. Beautiful!

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Another very happy saddle customer!  Thank you for sharing your experience Kathy Pennenga! 
Wow! Where do I begin? Ive been riding in high-quality western saddles for over a year, including my mentors Vaquero Wade by Bob Beecher, and they felt great in a lot of ways but were, of course, too big for me (Im 52, 95lbs). I just received my nearly new 13 Vaquero Wade from Bob and Terri. My background is in dressage. My seat is better in this saddle than in my dressage saddle! I cant believe it made such an immediate change in my seat. It allowed me to sit correctly right away. Ive been struggling for a year to hold a proper position in saddles too big for me. Ive almost forgotten what it feels like to be stable in my posture without having to use every muscle to keep myself right!
My horse loved it. He trotted with his nose in the dirt for several laps. His canter was elevated through the shoulders and he had more forward impulsion. I think both the tree and my posture contributed to his comfort. He felt fantastic. 
I am so excited! I honestly wasnt expecting to be this pleased with it! I guess I didnt realize a western saddle could be so comfortable!
Terri was absolutely wonderful to work with when deciding on this saddle. And I will be forever grateful to this saddles first owner for customizing it so beautifully. 
Thank you!


Comment on Facebook

You got a beautiful one young lady.

Ahhhhh I'm drooling. It's so lovely and reading the write up makes me envious. I'm totally coming to you guys when I can afford one. Hopefully in the not too distant future.

I wanted to get the used one on website but had to go with a lighter saddle I could haul up their even though I ride the ponies the faeries do.

Ein Traumhafter Sattel

This would look awesome on my boy

I'm beyond happy that it found a wonderful home, and will be well-loved, Kathy ❤🐎❤


Jeanie Trimble

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And that's why I am saving money so I can have one made from you

This is truly one of a kind. How do I go about placing a custom order when I am ready?

I'm not a chink lover but these are beautiful. I would wear these.


Very beautiful

Unbelievable artistry - stunning....

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Black has been really popular lately!!

So cool! I love the hummingbirds. Two maker's marks...unique!

I could not be more proud and excited to own this artwork! Thank you sooo much Bob, Estella O'Connelland Terri Beecher for the collaboration to make my dreams come true. Thank You Larry Smith, my amazing husband for the gift of a lifetime!

Truly a work of art!! Thanks for sharing!!

Unreal. I'd have it just to Look at it. So so amazing

This would look awesome on my boy

I ❤️ the hummingbird tooling!

Holy cow that is gorgeous! Really

Yet another beautiful creation!

you guys do beautiful work!

Now your ready to go rope

They are amazing!

That is beautiful!





Natasha Nagawiecki

Mya Wood!

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Do you love Copper & Silver combined?  We do so we had created for us new Copper & Silver conchos and buckles!!  They go with Copper & Stainless stirrups!  Since saddle hardware is not available or strong enough in copper we wanted conchos and stirrups that could tie the two together!  Conchos & Buckles also available for custom headstalls, chaps & chinks!Image attachmentImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

Belt buckle?

Here is a new testimonial for our saddles from our second adorable Icelandic! 
I wanted to let you know that I received the saddle and tried it out this past weekend. I want to send a huge thank you to you and your husband for all of the help through my ordering and fitting process. I have never felt so comfortable in a western saddle, and Ive never felt Elska move forward like she does in this saddle. She is far from perfect at this point because we have a lot of work to undo from ill fitting saddles (mostly getting her out of that resistant mental space), but Im hopeful for the future now that we are both comfortable. 

Here is a picture of the little princess pony in her new saddle. I love the walnut color on her. It compliments her natural highlights perfectly. :) 

Again, a 1000 times thank you! I am more than happy with my purchase and the quality of this saddle. It is by far the nicest thing Ive ever owned, and I couldnt imagine anything more perfect. 
Elle Gerard


Comment on Facebook

They are Masters ! Love them! Words can't describe the craftsmanship, artistry, & care & how they treat their clients. Warm & fuzzy & caring!

Words of praise for your workmanship, there is nothing better👍👍👍



Comment on Facebook

I deserve something as pretty as this.

Absolutely stunning ! ! ! Anyone would be proud to own such a magnificent saddle.

That's a nice seat right there

so beautiful!!!!

Work of art!

Bonita montura como para mi cuaco

Julie Renfro-Cross - I'm thinking something like this Wade would be super for Sihr Brigadier Mac when he gets bigger and ready for under saddle. Don't ya think?

Oooh!! I wish.😍


Julie Scruse 😍😍😍

Clay Cundall Kyle Cundall

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What a work of art.

striking work, very eye appealing. Your so talented.


I like those

Zach Parker could make you some. ☺️ Quinn Eddy Kaye

Sandy Topper - these are you!!

If I could afford to order custom chaps for my fiancé this would be exactly what I would order- right down to the name haha
Jimmy Kolovos one day!


Wowza !!!!!

Beautiful!!! 🙂

Stunning workmanship

Zach Parker could make you some. ☺️

Bart Kessels 😍

Jason Nikkel

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Handmade, monogrammed items make such a special, classy gift!
We can do a ton of different color combinations, and any letters you want! 
These coaster and napkin ring sets were for a special wedding present, but we can put a monogram on just about anything we make.Image attachmentImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

Great idea!


Comment on Facebook

Can I purchase and you send out or they sent direct?


hmmm flowers and feathers/ leafs with small boarder, best I think. But all beautiful

Love the last three in particular!

Hell, I'd wear all of them.

Love these!

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Comment on Facebook

It is gorgeous!


That saddle does rival the beauty of any silver studded parade saddle I've ever seen. My husband restores old motorcycles and there is a trend towards all-black, even the mufflers and traditionally chromed items. This reminds me of what my husband is doing, letting the form be the hero and not the shine. Wonderful saddle, thank you for sharing.

Beautiful work.

Gorgeous !!!!

I am so excited! I rode in it for the first time yesterday and it felt like it was always a part of us. It looks so beautiful on Encantada. Looking forward to more adventures. Rancho Ruiz

Beyond beautiful... 😍😍😍

Absolutely beautiful! Estella and Bob did a great job!

In awe as always 😮❤️👍😍🍷Cheers🍷

What a masterpiece

Simply stunning.


Cuanto bale





Such exquisite & beautiful work! ❤️you guys Rock!


Breathtaking! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

that is beautiful!!

Absolutely gorgeous! 😍

My dream saddle! Love it!

Beautiful! And I love my OWS saddle also!

Beautiful!!!! Congrats Deb. I also have a OWS saddle that love love love 🙂

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I have never seen this before!!!


Comment on Facebook

Dr Miller said that when a foal hits the ground, it is basically 2 huge lungs with 4 legs. 😊

Holly Trytten so cool!

Natasha Pringle wow

Mark Fixley

Debi Austin

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Comment on Facebook

That's a genuine offer if nobody else beats it

How much does this saddle weigh? Is this type of saddle used mostly for trail riding? It's very pretty😍

One day when I'm on horses all day Checking the herd and range I can justify a quality saddle like this awesome specialty. Beautiful work on it!

What style saddle is this. It’s nice!!!

Very nice saddle!

Recently had a one on one leatherwork session with saddle maker Derek Pitts- he showed me a thing or two!! I've got a looong way to go!

What I give for a saddle like this wish I had the money 💰 could never afford this I'll just make do and mend lol

Take $300?


What a beautiful saddle ❤️

Anna 🙈🙈 serious nice

Vanessa Stankewycz 😍😍😍

I'll pay $5k

Buon giorno costa?

So nice

Old version

Wow ! I want it


Terri , please call me @ 574-876-0750

Isabelle Gagnon

Shelley Miller

Brandon Millburn

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Here is one of our stock saddles custom fitted for the adorable Icelandic Meyla owned by our new friend Kelly Turnage


Comment on Facebook

What is the size of the seat on this? Would you put a limit on the size of the seat?

Great work, hard to scale things to look great on a pony, you did it 👍👍

I am 1000% encouraged to see one of your saddles on another Icelandic! I'm getting more and more excited about the possibility of an OWSaddle being the right thing for my three Icies and myself. 🙂

My dream saddle

Corinne Kriegl


Randy Villanueva it's like a giant Shetland!!! 😱😱😱😱😱

Beverley Critchlow ❤️

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In keeping with our out of the box philosophies........
We had a very fun non traditional bridal shower for our bride to be Estella!  This is what Estella said about it:
Some of my dear ladies and I went and had Old Time photos taken yesterday for my buckaroo bridal shower party! Im so grateful to have such badass ladies in my life!


Comment on Facebook

Left to right top: Linda and Diana
Left to Right bottom: Emily, Gloria, Estella, Cathy, Terri, Chris

That is SO cool Estella - what a blast! Thank you for sharing!


Comment on Facebook


Comment on Facebook

Estella just keeps outdoing herself. Very nice!

Perfect, and my initial, too!

Love these

Price plse? 🐎

I want

Love them


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Comment on Facebook

So stunning!!!

Wow! so beautiful!


One lucky person!

Son bellas y que presido tienen aquí en EUA

Agree! WOW is right!!👍😮

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Comment on Facebook

Get it on the European market and you could probably triple the price. I had a buddy that had a guy visit him here in Texas from the Netherlands and the guy paid in the thousands for several saddles notbthat old.

Do you happen to have any more information of EJ Keller saddles? I have an acquaintance who has one that is searching for more info. TY for any info. 🙂

i am interested. How much the costes for the shiping and customs ? thank you for a answer and have a nice day

Great idea!


Comment on Facebook

What's the price on a pair like these?

Love these Terri, Estella! Some day...

Love these!!

Are these for sale?

Very girly!

Zoë Sandall Kupec oh my

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Comment on Facebook

I'm bringing mine so we can do that knot

Show me how to do that knot!!

Kathleen Lindley Beckham.... in the market still?

Taylor Steele

Chinks #389. 
Made for a special lady who wrote us the sweetest review! 
Hi Estella,
    I love my chinks! They are gorgeous!  The color of the leather couldnt be more perfect and the tooling is so rich and beautiful!!! You are such an artisan and gifted saddler.  Thank you.
    Thanks so much for your extra efforts in meeting my short time frame.
-AImage attachmentImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

Beautiful work Estella, can't wait for my future pair !


Awsome work

Terry Dunman

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Comment on Facebook

Nice! A true work of art!

Oh that is a beauty see I wanted something similar like that. Maybe a little smaller rounder fork

Love this

That's a fine looking rig. Well done!

Nice job for sure !

Absolutely beautiful saddle


Brenda Dyck 😍

Cody Donelley

What is the tree in this saddle ? Looks very nice too .

Ooohh jealous and can't wait!!!!😁

Beauty !!😮❤️

Wow..... looks great I'd like to have one

Searne Nobbs yes please I'll give you 12 months notice for my birthday present


Bellissima 👏👏👏👏



Che spettacolo!

Eine ganz tolle Arbeit super

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Very nice indeed !

Do you carry small or extra small

Blaine Mitchell Kade Keeth Garrett Looka

Grace Ann Lester

Livi Glaser

Tommy Miller

Mary Jane Mathis Howell for me!

Taylor Steele

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Can't wait to see them!

I have to admit that I am a rag addict! I collect them and wear them. I have some for every day working on the farm and ones for going out to town! Then others for completions

Estella has a new saddle under construction in the shop! This one is just a little bit different...! It will primarily be used on a draft horse as a mounted combat/gaming/archery saddle for medieval reenactment.Image attachment


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WOW!!! That is going to be so GORGEOUS!!!! cAN'T wait to see what it looks like finished!

Leather working goals..I got a lot of work to do to get this this level <3

Show me more, please! This is just astounding 😍

That is awesome.

Sign me up for the next one!!!



LOVE the dragon!!!

I want! How much must I save up for it?

Very cool tooling!


Check this out Louise Chacon

oh my goodness, Estella, that is amazing!

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Tristin Bull

Out West Saddlery shared Riding and Harness Stuff's video.
Out West Saddlery

Want!!! Adorable!! ... See MoreSee Less

11 months ago


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I can't see the key in his back but it has to be a toy.

What is he? Sorta horse? Sorta mule? Spotty zebra? Whatever...he is beautiful!

Alicia Adamson look what you will get !

Is that a pinto

Love this

Emma Kentch, we need one!!

Kylie Ehnisz 😍

Suzanne Menefee Chadwick

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Out West Saddlery shared Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid's photo.
Out West Saddlery

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11 months ago


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How is Sassy doing I miss her

true it must be all ready there ,

Out West Saddlery shared Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid's photo.
Out West Saddlery

(Photo: Crissi McDonald) ... See MoreSee Less

11 months ago


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Wow. Exactly what I would love to have. Putting more money in my Chink fund today

Sarah Loosley is this the real life


They are too beautiful !!


Could I get this in pink for kids?



They Rock!!!


Lilly Artemenko

Jordann McClister

Evan they're perfect 😍

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#387 Kids Chinks FOR SALE $230.00
These precious and playful plum purple and turquoise  kids chinks are super adjustable. They are made with all the same high quality materials and attention to detail as our adult chinks, and will last long enough to be passed down and loved by more than one lucky kiddo! 
Contact us at 970-264-2524 or outwestsaddlery@gmail.comImage attachmentImage attachment


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Shannon Renés YF its time for u to get some nice ones!!

This is were my custom spur straps came from with the Brass conchos n buckles!!!

Wow these are beautiful! I sure have expensive taste

Love these!

Ahh! Wish they were a little longer!!

Beautiful work!

Lilly Artemenko

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Hey hey that's me!!! :-).
Thank you!! Lilac & lace
I believe is the name of the one I like.

That's awesome

Leilani Terry


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Those are a pair of the most beautifully carved chinks I have ever seen! Incredible carving and coloring!!!! Love Love Love!!!!!


Oh my 😍






Beautiful. Kind regards from Denmark.

I love my Chinks and Chaps you made for me!! I love all your work

Just gorgeous!!



Those are a work of art!



Jason Nikkel pleasant oak

Diana Harlan Walls

Marlene Wyzykoski

Tommy Miller

Cheryl Ludwig Croasmun

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We had a wonderful visit with horse clinician Samantha Harvey Thursday morning here in the shop/barn!!  It is so refreshing and encouraging to meet another clinician who believes in the importance of getting a horse comfortable and balanced with correct fitting tack, balanced teeth, feet and health through as many natural choices as possible.  This builds trust which leads to a great partnership and fun for both horse and rider.  

I hope to someday have the opportunity to take some lessons with Samantha, we were very impressed with her philosophies and on how she approaches teaching etc.!  I would highly recommend checking her out if you dont already know about her! &


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It was SOOO refreshing to meet the both of you also! I'm excited to help share the "whole" picture when working with people and horses, so to meet others who are doing the same was awesome!

My horse Gunny is doing so well with Sam's approach.


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Some privacy settings will block your name from the share list.

Flora Hora Rectenwald really needs one of these and I wouldn't look too shabby in one either. Of course I'd have to tell everyone where such a good lookin rag came from!

Shared. This mulegirl needs another wild rag!

Shared 😜my wife LOVES ❤️ wild rags from Out West Saddlery!

Shared! I love the buckaroo knot presentation, using it every day!

I just liked your page and will share but I really need one so I can upgrade my away all my GoodWill purchases will leave my closet mostly empty LOL

Even if you don't win a wild rag, you should visit their site and take a look at their great line of custom leather goods! Really nice folks to deal with!!

Shared! I wear a silk scarf everyday in the winter, can't leave the house without it or my neck gets cold!

Shared!!!! Never have enough wild rags 💕

Shared!! Would love to add a new Rag to my collection or 2017! They make any outfit look sharp for Versatility Ranch Horse competitions!!

Shared & would ❤️ one of these beauties to wear to Road To The 🐴. Would also like one for TTim Petriewho watches out for me

I sure as heck shared it, I could use a new rag

I shared!! Hope I win, they are really pretty!!

Shared! Hope it's OK that I've entered as I'm in the UK?

shared to my page as facebook settings are blocking your share lists. would love a scarf! they are the bomb!!!

Would love one of these beautiful scarves! Liked and shared. Thank u

Beautiful, I have a cow oy in mind to receive it . If I Win the scarf.

Shared and would love to win one! 🙂

Like and shared! Would love to have one of these beautiful wild rags!

Shared. Would be a deadly birthday present for me

Shared! Did not know Wyoming Trader made rags!

I love wild rags, they are so warm in the winter time!❤️

Hope I did it correctly, consider it "Shared".

My husband and I love your Wild Rags!

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Video image


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Love these too. Can you add a name or are these sold already?

Out West Saddlery shared I Love Horses's photo.
Out West Saddlery

Warm Fuzzy for the day! ... See MoreSee Less

1 years ago

Warm Fuzzy for the day!


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Katrina Kittle you will appreciate this warm and fuzzy!


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Gorgeous shade of purple! Nice chinks

Gorgeous! A piece of art!

Those are beautiful!!

Jealous. Absolutely gorgeous

These would be about the coolest Valentine Gift ever in my book! Fabulous craftsmanship and artistry meets function- stunning.


I do believe those are Estella's work. Wow!


Again thank you Out West Saddlery and Ms. Estella for the love and craftsmanship that these were made with. The artistry showcased in this set of chinks is second to none in my opinion, and I know that they will last many years. I'll be a life long customer and can't wait for the next item that is in the works.

Agreed! Beautiful purple!! Coming from...not a purple fan. Everything Out West Saddlery does is Extrodinaire!!👍❤️🙏God Bless


Wow...I think I need a pair of custom chinks. This purple is amazing. Such a deep, rich color.


How much in chap



Kimberly Cones Woah

Maddie Steuerwald oh my god i need these

Heidi Haenni-Hoogland aren't these so cool




Wow!! Love that sunflower !!

Tristin Bull 😍

Kirsten Nicole Cox 😍

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Christmas Idea!! Pioneer Shirt/Wild Rag Sets!! Christmas Special buy two or more shirts or wild rags or one shirt & one rag and you get $4.00 off each! Special ends 12/25/16 (20 scarfs not eligible for discount)
*We are happy to help you match up sets!!

The pioneer shirts are high-quality pre-shrunk Pima cotton. Generous cut in body and arm length!! Very durable!!  They are very comfortable to wear riding because of their breathability and loose cut style.  The pin tucking and matching buttons are attractive accents.  

See our web site for all the options available: 
Pioneer Shirts -  
Wild Rags -

Great for: Weddings, Old Time Dress, Single Action Shooting, Mounted Shooting, Pirate Shirts, Horseback Riding & Western Outfits!

The Out West Saddlery Magnificent Four showing you all how much we love our pioneer shirts and wild rags.....we are all rather addicted  cant have too many of either!!


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great picture!

Some of my favorite people in the world! ❤️ you guys!

These are awesome shirts


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They built me a saddle about 12 years ago. Wonderful to work with and so talented

U people always outdo yourselves!! Beautiful, God Bless you👍🙏

That would fit me perfectly

This one is it !! One day !

What an incredibly beautiful saddle!!

Wow. So beautiful



'Francesco Nocella

Too small for me but beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful work with all of these saddles



Bella ,prezzo

Moment Mal der sieht super aus! 👌

Tarrin McClain Shawn Fiscus

Laura Cooper Schouten

Tommy Miller

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Due to popular demand, we are now offering custom cell phone cases for the gigantic iPhone 6 Plus. Please call to inquire. 970-264-2524. Great Christmas Gift!!!
This is very exciting news for all of us holding our breath waiting for the film to become recognized and closer to becoming available for everyone to enjoy!!


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Awesome ! A huge congrats to all!!

This is a perfect example of the difference a custom herb program using Equine Natural Care herb blends can make towards balancing an animal in 2 months!!
*Contact Terri if you would like an evaluation and herb program set up for your equine!
Here is what Elaine Allen says about her experience with Serena after Serenas evaluation and herb program...Serena is back to being her old self on the trail. She keeps up and sometimes leads. If she is around other horses, she is ready to go. She has always been this way, it is a mare thing. She had lost all this spunk and interest in anything, it is nice to have her back. She is 24 and we have been riding almost everyday. I noticed her cinch has moved up (smaller). She is probably the trimmest she has ever been.Image attachmentImage attachment


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What are those bumps?

Our hilarious Out West Saddlery residents! They stop by for kisses and the occasional treat every once in a while!
SOLD!! USED CUSTOM SADDLE #76 to Maria Matlaga!!  Perfect fit for her and her horse!!  What is extra special is the tooling is the Greek Key and Maria is 100% Greek so it has extra meaning for her!    Win, win for my job/business!!


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Sweet saddle

Very special reward! The way this happened was cosmic, meant to be. So blessed to know my friends at Outwest!

A beauty!!


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How much are these chinks? Beautiful

Amazing work by a very talented lady... loved my visit to Out West Saddlery last July and June!

Sooooo gorgeous! Really beautiful work, Estella. Detail, texture, colors, design, finish...everything pulled together in one stunning piece. ❤

Your talent for creating beautiful things continues X

You have a gift Estella!!!


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Sampson Moss These are flippin gorgeous


Holy cow...this is just stunning too.


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Ohhhhhhhh, that saddle has my name on it! Heeeheee

Sally Roberts John Barba


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My question as well what's the cost of a custom chaps

Love those!! Are they for sale ?

Absolutely gorgeous! I'll have to out a pair on my 'I want list".

Nice...what would these cost?

Next option a leather man sheath😉. Very nice.

Love the colour!

Good night I like it very much and I would like to buy one but I am from Ecuador


Janice Frank

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What a awesome saddle!!!!!!

Aren't those Mincer conchos?

Beautiful saddle

Kit West yes please! Lol

Sarah Roth, Tina Joos

Forrest Derasp

Colton Clements

Richard R. Hayes

Tiffany Brown

Grant Hughes

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This is the difference that our Skidmores Leather Cream makes!!! 
These custom cowboy cuffs are brand new, and both were just dyed and oiled with neatsfoot yesterday. The left one is still thirsty. The right has Skidmores! Find it on our site at:


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Live Skidmore hands down the greatest product and is a good bargain!

What wonderful tooling! Always impressed by the skill that comes from Out West.

Beautiful !!!!!!

LOVE Skidmores - best ever ...! Texas A&M Cadet Corp uses Skidmores to keep their saddles in great condition..

I use skidmore on everything that leaves the workshop!! Such a nice render and smell as well 😀
Ps: superbe tool work again 🙂

Love em!!!!! Super cool tooling work,!!!

Skidmores is the best I've found for restoring dry leather and it also keeps my sinuses clear when I'm working with it.

I use skidmore's all the time. Excellent product.

I have used Skidmores for years. Great product!!!

Love Skidmore's !

All I need

Great stuff

SO PRETTY;-))!! Xoxo!

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MIELLE FOX USED STOCK SADDLE SOLD!! Congratulations Pam!! ... See MoreSee Less

1 years ago


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Teresa Reese Whitaker

So with the wider bar angle, would this a normal QH or is this saddle more for draft crosses? I'm in Nevada and am very interested. Thanks!

Where would it ship from?

Christa Miremadi sounds like a great deal, know anyone?

They make an amazing saddle. Had one made for my draft horse. Quality all the way!

That's a gorgeous saddle, but if it's 2500 used, someone better have the defibrillator paddles ready before I get told the price of a new one

Mielle I live in Plattsburgh NY are you far from me??

Nice saddle! I'll pm you!!


Is this sold?


Msg you 🙂

ChiChi McGiggles nice saddle

Lauren Fraser know anyone? This is a great deal!

Love this one Janet Bigej-Cerqua

Richard Schouten

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Something to make you smile today!


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Lene Andersen

Sue Hone


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OMG these are stunning!!!

How much for something like this


I love the detail and so classy!!!

Raphaëlle Pélissier

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This is an amazing collection of shoes and shoeing techniques from the era when horses were the main mode of transportation. Very interesting to see how some of the problems with hooves were managed back in the 1800s.


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These are so neat!!

Michael Schweim Dell Dean Elizabeth Tolliver

Edna Troublefield Washburn

Riley Cameron

Claudia Boegelein

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