Tom Dorrance

"The part that has meant the most to the horse and me is the communication between us. This is the part where I really had to devote a lot of thought. I have watched horses when they are loose by themselves or loose in a group; gentle raised or wild range raised, their naturalness will show. And by studying their actions and reactions I have been helped to understand how to present myself in such a way that the horses will respond to what I may ask of them. This I believe is true nature.

This is something I have had to develop in myself, for myself, by myself. The True Unity and Willing Communication between the horse and me is not something that can be handed to someone, it has to be learned, it has to come from the inside of a person and inside of the horse." - TD

"I try to feel what the horse is feeling and operate from where the horse is." - TD

Tom has been referred to as the "horse's lawyer". He gives the horse credit for his knowledge of a horse's feelings and problems.

GREETINGS! from Tom Dorrance
DVD Approx. 2 Hours  $45.00
Tom Dorrance visits with us about horse and people projects from his life.
At last, the opportunity to see and hear the legendary horseman Tom Dorrance at work. Many world-renowned horsemen and clinicians look to Tom Dorrance as the man who 'started it all'. The man whose philosophy on horses and horsemanship revolutionized the way we look at this wonderful animal.

This videotape contains material, which shows Tom expressing his views and philosophy on working with horses. A way which has borne incredible results on horses from all breeds and disciplines, whether you wear a riding helmet or cowboy hat, ride a warmblood or a quarter horse, this video is here to help you become more understanding and successful in your working partnership.

"I was born May 11, 1910, number six of eight kids. Family, Horses and Cattle became an important part of my early life. The last 89 years have been good to me, and good for me. In looking back through all these many years, I have experienced a great life. Looking for the good in people and animals has helped me get a better understanding of life in general. I hope this video will help you in your search for a better understanding and communication with your horse." --Tom Dorrance, December 1999

What I am trying to help the rider experience is what you need before you ever get on your first horse, But if you ever get it, it comes later. - TD
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Tom Dorrance
2 1/2 hour long DVD.$45.00
This is a special and unique interview of Tom Dorrance With Larry Mahan. A tribute to the man who started the quiet revolution in horsemanship. The man the Horse Whisperer book and movie was based off of. The man who influenced Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, and scores of others.

An insight view in Tom's thinking and feeling of the horse, and
his way of adjusting to what fits the occasion, "Feel the Whole Horse".

This is a demonstration of Tom helping Larry Mahan correct horses with Tom's approach to making a change in the horse and the importance of "Feel, Timing & Balance".

Also a careful approach in helping a horse that was troublesome loading into a trailer.

Rare footage of the Legendary Horseman Tom Dorrance. Whatever breed of horse you ride, you will benefit from this.
Sale Price $22.50!