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Bayou Cowboys of Louisiana
#10 In The Vaquero Series

95 minutes $19.95

Louisiana is where cowboying goes along with part-time gator hunting. And Cajun and Zydeco music packs more kick than a Crawfish Etouffee. Cattle handling draws on many roots from France, Canada, Africa Spain, with a little Texas thrown in, too. Here muddy marshlands, drenching rains, and vicious hurricanes wield their influence on horses, saddles and the intrepid cowboys who ride them. So when it comes to gear, practicality rules. In this country, a cow can thrive on an acre or two of grass, compared to a hundred acres in West Texas. But a rider better pay attention when checking those cows, the Cottonmouth Moccasins are not too friendly. And those gators can spook your horse if one is caught by surprise. Underscored with local Cowboy Cajun and Zydeco music.

Texas Cowpuncher Part 2
#9 In The Vaquero Series

116 minutes $19.95
Texas Cowpuncher Part Two is about the many styles of cowboying in Texas. Down in Gulf country, cowboys on horseback can get ornery crossbred Brahmas to do most anything, even swimming the Intracoastal Waterway to winter grazing grounds. Further inland, they rely on their dogs to bay up the cattle in the swamps and woodlands, and watch out for the occasional alligator. In the brush country, cattle hide in thorny mesquite thickets, but fearless Brush Poppers charge right in after them. And in West Texas, branding takes weeks as Punchers move from camp to camp with the wagon and a hunded-horse remuda. The day begins before sunup and and ends after two gathers and two brandings. In this country, there s a code of conduct, and breaking it has consequences.



Texas Cowpuncher
#8 In The Vaquero Series
98 minutes $19.95

The Texas Puncher cut his teeth roping wild longhorns, and then driving them east, on the Opelousas Trail to New Orleans through treacherous swamps and rivers. Years later, he headed ‘em north to the railheads. When the big ranches — XIT, Matador, Pitchfork and 06 were established, he had wild country to contend with…canyons, rivers with quicksand, mesquite thickets and cows determined never to be tamed. This was reflected in his gear and the way he works…always in a hurry to get the job done before the midday sun reaches its broiling point. Featuring Buster Mclaury, Waddie Mitchell, Boots O’Neal, Chris Lacy and ranches from the rugged west to the desert south to the pineywoods of east Texas. And music by Don Edwards, the Gillette Brothers and Ken Moore.

"Mula" Spanish for Mule – (The Long-Eared Hero of the Old Spanish Trail)
#7 In The Vaquero Series
98 minutes. $19.95

A most spectacular horse and mule raid took place in California in 1840. A motley crew of thieves raided ranchos and missions from Monterey to San Diego. Why would they risk their lives? Everyone wanted mules.  Americans were on the move…headed west and there was no sturdier, more powerful and reliable means of travel than a mule. These California mules, along with finely trained Vaquero horses were driven twelve hundred miles up the Old Spanish Trail from Los Angeles to Santa Fe and then seven hundred more miles up the Santa Fe Trail to Independence Missouri. Today, mule people are just as enthusiastic about their mules as they were in the 1800s. Mules are tough, intelligent, easy keepers, always ready to do the job. Meet the men who know the mule’s secrets and sing his praises — packers Ross Knox and Graham Goodfield, mule traders Rufus and Dickie Reese, log-skidder Thomas Summers, draft mule man Charile Reed. And featuring cowboy singer and packer Dave Stamey with his new song “Never Kiss a Mule.”

"J&S has done it again! Interesting history and a wonderful tribute to Mules!  They even put a little piece in there with Bob and our saddles!!"—OWS

Tierra Encantado- (The New Mexico Cowboy)
#6 In The Vaquero Series
98 minutes. $19.95

The Spaniards introduced the horse to the American frontier and the Vaqueros provided the underpinnings for the ranching culture and the genesis of the American Cowboy. The descendants of those early settlers still live in New Mexico and many of them still speak the dialect of the Conquistadors. This style of handling cattle is still practiced on the big spreads — the Bell Ranch, Pecos Ranch and San Cristobal Ranch. It’s all part of this great Southwestern melting pot where Spanish, Indian and Anglo come together, each preserving their own traditions, but forging a colorful culture unique to Tierra Encantado — the enchanted land.

Los Primeros (The First Vaqueros)

#5 In The Vaquero Series
98 minutes. $19.95

The Vaquero’s roots go deep. His beginnings are on the other side of the world, it has been a long journey — 13 centuries — back to the Moors of North Africa and their nimble Barb horses. To Spain, where the blending of Moorish and Spanish horse cultures laid the groundwork for the bridle horse that was the hallmark of these superb reinsmen. To Mexico, where the underpinnings for roping and handling cattle on the open range evolved.  And to California, where it all came together. Here, the secrets of training horses through centuries of practice came full flower. And the hackamore, romal reins and spade bit were refined. Filmed in Spain, Mexico, California and the American West.

Houlihan - (The Northern Range Cowboy)
#4 In The Vaquero Series
95 minutes. $19.95

While buckaroos drove cattle from the Great Basin to Montana and Wyoming, Texas punchers were driving longhorns up the Goodnight Loving Trail. The two cultures came together in Wyoming/Montana territory and the Northern Range Cowboy was born. To make a hand here, you’ve got to ride rough horses with plenty of buck in em’ and stick it out through long, cold winters. Houlihan takes you on the next leg of the Vaquero Trail — to great ranches like the Padlock, the Arapahoe and the Hoodoo, and the famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale.

Holo Holo Paniolo - (The Hawaiian Cowboy)
#3 In The Vaquero Series
96 minutes. $19.95

“Holo holo” in Hawaiian means to ride or get around. And that’s what you’ll do as you see the workings of twenty ranches across 5 islands. The Hawaiian cowboys inherited a rich history when three California vaqueros arrived on the islands to teach the Hawaiians how to rope, ride and catch the wild cattle. From this beginning they developed their own style by chasing down those wild critters on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, roping them and necking them to a tree. The next morning, the paniolo would untie the snorting bull; snub him to his saddle horn and “lead him” down the mountain. Needless to say, this demanded great horsemanship and uncommon bravery.

The Remuda - (The Buckaroos)
#2 In The Vaquero Series
90 minutes. $19.95

In a remote Nevada cow camp, they jingle in the remuda. Steam rises up off the horses’ backs. The jigger boss’s rope whistles through the air, expertly landing on target. A buckaroo picks up a horse, halters and leads him to the corral. It’s a ritual that seems almost choreographed, but to a buckaroo, it’s just part of another day, an outgrowth of a tradition going back 300 years to the original Californio Vaqueros. Get a first-hand look at buckaroo life on remote outfits like the White Horse, YP and TS Ranches in Owyhee Country and learn the vaquero method for training horses from Buckaroo Richard Caldwell. Get a front row seat at the Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo, where they rope wild horses with a twenty-foot loop.

Tapadero - (The Californios)
#1 In The Vaquero Series
80 minutes. $19.95

With their slick-fork saddles and silver spade bits, the Californio Vaqueros still trail cattle through the golden hills of California. Meet the men and women who work the ranches and carry the tradition forward — stalwarts like Ernie Morris, the descendants of expert horsemen Bill and Tom Dorrance, spade bit man Bruce Sandifer, Jay and Deeth Harney and the young folks who are reviving the vaquero traditions. From the hackamore, to the two-rein, to straight up in the bridle, see how they make a horse as fluid as silk. Learn their secrets to braiding the rawhide reata and throwing the figure eight.

Vaquero 35 minutes $14.95

There's a misconception these days that the cowboy is a thing of the past a heroic icon, but nonetheless a relic. Vaquero will change your mind as this 35-minute documentary takes you to some of the cattle ranches on California's central coast, where they still run cattle over the same rolling hills their ancestors rode more than 200 years ago.
In those days, the California cowboys were called vaqueros, and were revered as some the the world's greatest horsemen. The vaqueros ran cows over Santa Ynez's beautiful, but formidable landscape steep soaring hills and deep ravines. And needless to say, working cattle in this country is not for the faint of heart. It took brave horses and brave men to ride them. This 35-minute exploration into the cowboy culture takes the viewer to the great land grant ranches, features interviews with cattlemen and cowboys and cowgirls who are living the life their forebears did and enjoying every minute of it.
*Not part of the Vaquero Series but qualifies for $1.50 discount if you buy 2 or more DVD’s.

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"We love these DVD’s, the photography, information and music is outstanding. We highly recommend them for anyone with an interest in this incredible horse culture that is making a big come back!" 
Bob & Terri Beecher-Out West Saddlery

Corazon Vaquero
The Heart Of The Cowboy
65 minute documentary DVD $20.00
“California Saddle Maker Garry McClintock and photographer Eve Ewing have 65 years combined experience exploring the remote depths of Baja California, where the nearly self-sustaining Californios still live, ranch, and ride horses and mules.  In the 65 minute documentary they take you on a cinematic journey to remote ranches to meet the kind, hardworking Californios who live much as their ancestors did 300 years ago.

The Californios featured in the film are descendants of the Soldados de Cuera, the soldiers who came from Mexico in the 18th century to work with Jesuit missionaries to bring Christianity, farming, and ranching to the new Western frontier.  As the soldiers and missionaries pressed into Alta California or Upper California, some stayed behind in Baja, or lower, California.  Today their relatives continue to farm and ranch in an unforgiving land of little rain.

The 3,000 remaining members of this culture live on remote ranchos, many of which can only be reached by a five-hour mule ride into the rugged mountains.  They’re a people of honor, dignity and respect, who are true to their values and traditions.  Survival is dependent upon maintaining partnerships with each other, as well as their faith, animals and the land.

Through the film, viewers see the harmony, hospitality and humor of the members of the culture as they show their livestock and agricultural traditions. Besides the observations from McClintock and Ewing, the documentary also includes commentary from Baja California historian Harry Crosby and Fermin Reygadas a professor of History and Archeology at the University of La paz, Baja California Sur.”
Jennifer Dennison. WESTERN HORSEMAN Oct 2011

Ranch Hand
Times may change, but the job is the same. In this DVD, Ranch Hand, you’ll take a look at “America’s Ranching Through the Eyes of Today’s Cowboys. Listen to the stories of their range.  Then meet the folks of the Working Ranch Cowboys Association and their work to keep the dream alive.  If you love America’s Western heritage or just enjoy the view of the range from the back of a horse, this DVD is for you!
$19.95 78 Minutes

Ranch Album $20.00 Now in DVD!

Beautifully edited, this outstanding DVD — originally released as a PBS Special — is a gut-honest, straightforward telling of the modern cowboy at work. This documentary portrays what ranching and cowboying is really all about as it seamlessly takes the viewer through all four seasons on a remote cattle ranch in the tough, high country of Arizona.

Anyone outside of the working cowboy lifestyle who is interested in or curious about the ranching West will certainly come to regard this video as a treasured gem. For those of us who are lucky enough to still be living the lifestyle and riding for the brand here in the 21st Century, the rich spirit within every frame of theRanch Album video serves as a cinematic testament which captures the pride we have for our work, the innate love and great connection we feel for the land, and the reasons why we strive to keep ranching traditions alive, even in the face of challenge and change.

Gail Steiger is the featured cowboy singer, his CD “The Romance Of Western Life” is one of our shop favorites and is available for sale as well as this great DVD.

Rarely has there been a documentary produced that shows such a deep and true understanding of the culture of working cowboys and their families. In one hour's time anyone will clearly understand why the spirit of the American West is not at all a thing of myth, rumor or history, but actually a truth that has at last been captured on film for posterity. We give this video our highest recommendation!Taylor Fogarty, Entertainment Editor, American Western Magazine -

"The tough life of the New West cowboy is lovingly portrayed in this gorgeous film..." -Wall Street Journal.

Cowboy Dressage - "Dances With Cows"
DVD 30 Minutes $25.00
This DVD is guaranteed to touch the heart, and inspire the dreams of horsemen and horsewomen alike.
"A Sensory Master piece. If you thrill to great music, wonderful scenery, and to beautiful horses performing majestically in response to a gifted horseman, buy this DVD. You'll never tire of watching it." 
~ Dr. Robert M. Miller
This is one of Dr. Miller's favorite videos, not as a training aid, but for the extraordinary cinematography. Created by clinician Eitan Beth-Halachmy of the beautiful Wolf Creek Ranch, it is "eye candy" for any horse lover. From spotlight performances to working with cattle in Upton, Wyoming this video is a visual equine masterpiece.

Cowboy Dressage - "Building The Foundation"
DVD 45 Minutes $39.95
It's hard to define Cowboy Dressage. Perhaps it is a way of not just combining two distinct disciplines but more importantly of uniting them. The principles, practices, and teachings of good horsemanship do not belong to just one discipline. They belong to all disciplines, all breeds all equestrians.

For me, Cowboy Dressage is a belief in a lifestyle and a discipline, offering an open door to knowledge and growth on both fronts. There are no tests or rules, just a partnership between myself and my horse.

Eitan has long been known for his unique style of horsemanship. In this video Eitan discusses control of the three parts of the horse's body, the importance of forward motion, and much more. Beautifully done, always entertaining and inspiring!

Cowboy Dressage - "The Music And The Magic"
DVD 27 Minutes $29.95
As unique as horseman Eitan Beth-Halachmy, "The Music and the Magic," is a celebration of the "Art" of horsemanship.  Not a training video, instead it seeks to plant a seed, to inspire you to learn and strive to be the best you can be.
The very best of Eitan and Holiday Compadre. Eitan and Compadre have delighted crowds at such prestigious events as Equitana, Equine Affaire, American Royal and Dressage in the Wine Country, just to name a few.  Eitan has been involved with horses his entire life and consistently brings audiences to their feet.