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One Man’s Opinion About Spade Bits and How They Work
Written by Dick Deller with Merrilee Morrell

This book is the best resource on spade bits, and really tells their history and how they work. Great pictures break down every part of the bit and their function.

Dick Deller and Merrilee Morrell (now Doss) represent a team with deep appreciation for the bridlehorse and the bridleman. Dick has spent his whole life working with and perfecting the process of bridling champion cow horses. His knowledge and skill have been recognized and awarded repeatedly.

Merrilee, the daughter of Richie Morgan, perpetuates the legacy of the bridleman and horse by showing her father's lifetime collection of working spade bits in the Western States. This collection represents Richie's passion and skill in working with the spade bit horse. Dick and Richie were the best of friends, united by their mutual interests and values. Now Dick and Merrilee bring that together in One Man's Opinion
with Dick's vast knowledge about the spade, Merrilee's tutelage at her father's knee, and illustrations of the Morgan Bit Collection.

$45.00 88 pages soft cover, sepia print.

One Man's Collection of Early California Spade Bits
The Legacy of Richie Morgan by Merrilee Morrell Doss

Born in Byron, California, in 1920, Richie Morgan had a life rich in experiences and heritage. He spent his 75 years working with horses and cattle. During these times he realized the value of not only a good bit, but of having the right bit for the job. To him, that was the spade bit, and he had many of them! Over his 75 years, he bought, traded, fixed, and was given some very nice Early California style bits, most of them spades. At some point, this humble gentleman realized his tackroom held a bit collection, and he and his daughter, Merrilee, photographed and recorded the history as he knew it of each one of them, and included his opinion on why he thought it was good bit.

This book is the Morgan's way of sharing that heritage with the reader. Each bit, 149 of his better ones, is pictured with the mouthpiece, sometimes a close-up of the engraving, and maybe a detail or a picture of the full bridle. Richie's words are right there, explaining why he liked that bit or the story behind it. There are family pictures of ranch work in the 1940s and 50s showing the horses being worked in the bits. Also, as a special bonus, the actual correspondence between Morgan and renowned bitmaker Eduardo Grijalva is also included. Sit back in your easy chair and travel back 100 years into the world of cowboy to cowman, bridleman to bit collector, Richie Morgan, as you savor his legacy.
$60.00 240 page soft cover sepia print