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One ear Headstall with rawhide lacing

Black Harness Leather One Ear Headstall
Rawhide Arrow Lacing Accents
#RD441BSS $104.00
Sale Price $52.00!

Headstall with Silver Star Conchos

Headstall #132   $297.00 Sale Price $150.00
Brushed Stainless Cutout Star Conchos and Cart Buckles.
Matching Slobber Straps #111 Available 
Sale Price $50.00

Headstall with Silver Star Conchos
Breakaway Hondo

Plastic Breakaway Hondo
Sale Price $2.50!

Black Magic Breakaway Hondo

Black Magic Breakaway Hondo
Sale Price $6.00!

Hooey Loop Hondo

Hooey Loop
Breakaway Hondo
Sale Price $9.00!

rawhide riata

Rawhide Riata w/Hondo
Hand picked rawhide ropes
1 - 72' long    $576.00
Sale Price $432.00!

1 - 73' long    $584.00
Sale Price $438.00!

LV RC-1 Rein Chains

Swivel Center Rein Chains
11 1/2" Long
9 1/2" Short
LV RC-1   $96.00
Sale Price $48.00!

Fish Leader Rein Chains

Triangle Rein Chains
12" Long
8 1/2" Short
Stainless or Browned
LV RC-2   $96.00
Sale Price $48.00!

Twisted Fish Leader Rein Chains
12" Stainless
LV RC-3   $96.00
Sale Price $48.00!

Horizontal Purse
Kids Spurs
Purple Wild Rag
Deer Lodge Scarf Slide

Horizontal Purse #59  $48.00
Approx. 8 1/2” x 6” Purse Straps 20" long
Sale Price $24.00!

Kids Spurs #WW77981 $12.00 Pair
Blued Nickel & Brass
Approx. 2 1/2”across band
Sale Price $6.00!

AA Purple Jacquard
36 X 36
60% Silk
#15  $35.00   Sale $17.50

Horsehair Hitched #2 $40.00
Sale Price $20.00! 

We are discontinuing all Cattle Kate Scarfs
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womens wool vests

Wyoming Traders “Sierra” Women’s Wool Vest! 24 Ounce Pure Australian Wool, Naturally Water Resistant, Hand Warmer Pockets * Elastic Back, Satin Lining, *Reinforced Sewing. The fit is very flattering!!!
Special Price For Vests In Stock Only!  
Black  (1) XXXL
Red   (1) XXXL
Tan  (1) XXL & (2) XXXL
Reg. Price $66.00/$33.00

Wyoming Trader's Men's Bronco Vest

Wyoming Traders ”Bronco” Men’s Vest Our canvas vest is cowboy equipment! It is made of 11 ounce cotton canvas, and has an elastic back for a great fit. The lining is satin and all the seams are reinforced for durability.
Special Price For Vests In Stock Only! 
Size  XXL   Color:  Tan
Reg Price $48.00  Sale Price $24.00

Pioneer Shirt

Pioneer Shirt
Teal $47.50

Sizes Left: (1) XXX-Large
Sale Price $28.50!

Pioneer Shirt

Pioneer Shirt
Red $41.00

Sizes Left:  (1) Small
Sale Price $24.50!

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Custom Belt
Custom Belt
Custom Belt
Horse Belts
Horse Hair Belts
Horse Belts
Money Clip

#5 $122.50
1 1/8" x 2"

Sterling Silver
Sale Price $61.25!


Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Case
Dark Brown
PC42SC   $5.00

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Leather Hat Band

Leather Braided Hat Bands
 Black w/Black Tassels
#WWGHB275-1H $35.00
(For bigger hats)
Only 1 Left!
Sale Price $17.50!

Leather Hat Band

Braided Leather Hat Band
Only Black Available

WWKHB310    $48.00
Only 3 Left!
Sale Price $24.00!

Leather Hat Band

Leather Hat Band with Metal Spots
SUN   $24.00
Only 1 Left!
Sale Price $12.00!

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Bead Necklace
Adjustable Leather  14" to 23"
Sale Price $10.00!

Rowel Necklace

1 1/4" Rowel w/Copper Bead
OWS #7  $19.95
Sale Price $10.00!

Copper Necklace

Reclaimed Copper Necklace
Adjustable leather
Owl & Moon PDOWM-C
Sale Price $15.00!


Braided Leather Necklace w/Longhorn Pendant
Approx. 16"
SNK144P   $32.00
Sale Price $16.00!

horseshoe necklace
horseshoe necklace

Leather Necklace w/Sterling Silver w/Crystals Horseshoe Pendant
Adjustable 14" to 23"
KHLHP  $90.00
Sale Price $45.00!

cross necklace
cross necklace

Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace
Approx. 18"
SNK154HS  $28.00
Sale Price $14.00!

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