"If your horse is recreation for you, can you be recreation for your horse?"

How to measure for a custom headstall.
It is best to measure a headstall that fits your horse well, if it doesn't let us know how much we need to add or subtract for each measurement.

Information we need to make you a custom headstall:  See the Headstall Sample Page for ideas.

1. Style - Browband/Throat Latch, Split One Ear, Sliding or Rolled One Ear, Shaped or Slotted One Ear
2. Color
3. Tooling
4. Hardware Color - Silver or Brass
5. Conchos & Buckles
6. Spots

7. Measurements: *See video above for how to take measurements
A. Browband (Average 12 1/2")
B. Bit to Bit - from one side over the poll to the other side (Average 40")
C. Throat Latch (Average 40")