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Cowboy Images offers a large variety of scarfs.  Best of all many of the fabrics are available in a limited supply so new designs come out often!  ALL  wild rags are 100% Silk!!   Designs come in Floral, Paisley, Jacquard!

For More Wild Rags to choose from See Cowboy Images Scarves Page 1!!

*The prints and jacquards can be combined in a custom combo scarf !!
Show your personality with a combo scarf of your own design!!
See all of our Combo Scarfs Below!
To the right....Fandango w/Royal 
Jacquard Combo Scarf #26

Buy 2 or more scarfs and save $2.00 per scarf! 

*There may be some color variation!
*All the wild rags/scarfs on this page have surged hems.

Cowboy  Images Combo Scarf

Exclusive Print

Medium Weight (10 - 12 oz/momme) 100% Silk Wild Rags
22" $32”,  36" $60.00, 44” $70.00

Cowboy Images Black Grey & White Paisley

Black/Gray/White Paisley

Cowboy Images Black Tan Paisley

Black Tan Paisley

Cowboy Images Exclusive Print Buckskin Paisley

Buckskin Paisley

Cowboy Images Gold Paisley

Gold Paisley

Cowboy Images Green Olive Paisley

Green Olive Paisley

Cowboy Images Midnight Blue Paisley

Midnight Blue Paisley

Cowboy Images Red Paisley

Red Paisley

Cowboy Images Red White Blue Paisley

Red White Blue Paisley

Cowboy Images Saddle Brown Paisley

Saddle Brown Paisley

Cowboy Images Turquoise Paisley

Turquoise Paisley

Cowboy Images Wine Paisley

Wine Paisley

Cowboy Images Small Flower Blue

Small Flower Blue

Cowboy Images Small Flower Burgundy

Small Flower Burgundy

Cowboy Images Small Flower Green

Small Flower Green


Medium Weight (10 - 12 oz/momme) 100% Silk Wild Rags
22" $32.00, 36” $60.00, 44” $70.00

Cowboy Images Black Jacquard


Cowboy Images Burgundy Jacquard


Cowboy Images Cameo Jacquard


Cowboy Images Chocolate Jacquard


Cowboy Images Copper Jacquard


Cowboy Images Dark Teal Jacquard

Dark Teal

Cowboy Images Denim Jacquard


Cowboy  Images Green Jacquard


Cowboy Images Gun Metal Jacquard

Gun Metal

Cowboy Images Iris Jacquard


Cowboy Images Maroon Jacquard


Cowboy Images Olive Dark Jacquard

Olive Dark

Cowboy Images Plum Jacquard


Cowboy Images Purple Jacquard


Cowboy Images Red Jacquard


Cowboy Images Rose Jacquard


Cowboy Images Royal Blue Jacquard

Royal Blue

Cowboy Images Sage Jacquard


Cowboy Images Silver Jacquard


Cowboy Images Spice Jacquard


Cowboy Images Straw Jacquard


Cowboy Images Teal Jacquard


Cowboy Images Viola Jacquard


Combo Scarfs

Amazing Combo Scarfs!  Cowboy Images takes material from 2 different 100% silk materials and sews a border on a centerpiece to create a very unique and personalized silk scarf.  We have put together a few different combos; but, the sky is the limit with the different combinations available.
36" or 44"  $120.00
*You are welcome to create your own combo scarf!!  Let us know which two scarf materials you want to combine and indicate which you want on the border and which in the center.
Cost reflects the fact that sewing two pieces of silk together is like herding cats.......difficult and time-consuming!

Cowboy Images Combo #1

Scarf #1   36”
Denim Jacquard Scarf  w/3" Gold & Rust Paisley inside border and a 3" Denim Jacquard outside border

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #6

Scarf #6  36”
Arbuckle w/Teal Jacquard

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #7

Scarf #7  36”
Frontier Brown w/Red Jacquard

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #15

Scarf #15  36”
Fiesta w/3/8” White Dot on Black

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #19

Scarf #19  36”
Burgundy Jaquard w/Green Paisley (C)

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #20

Scarf #20  36”
Big Daisy w/Cowboy Brown Dot

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #23

Scarf #23  36”
Fantasia Dark Grey (C) w/Black (J)

Cowboy Images Combo 27

Scarf #27  36"
Fandango (C) with 3" Teal (J) Border

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #29

Scarf #29  36”
Maverick (C) w/Copper (J)

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #30

Scarf #30  36”
Pin Dot on Gray w/3" Cameo (J) Border

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #31

Scarf #31  36"
Coco Loco with Sand w/3" Brown Dot Border

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #32

Scarf #32  36"
Devil's Garden w/3" White Dot on Black (3/16 Dot) Border

Cowboy Images Combo Scarf #34

Scarf #34  36"  
Plum Pink on Brown w/3" Dark Teal (J) Border

Cowboy Images Combo #36

Scarf #36  36"  
Fandango (C) w/3" Copper (J) Border

Other Ways to Wear Your Combo Wild Rags

Cowboy Images
Cowboy Images
Cowboy Images

 Our Old Time Pioneer Shirts look great with wild rags!!  Partner your Wild Rag with a Scarf Slide!!

For More Wild Rags to choose from See Cowboy Images Scarves Page 1!!

Silk Wild Rags

Our wild rags are made of the finest silk available and are SEWN IN AMERICA. We have three different weights of silk available. Refer to the descriptions below. Our standard size wild rag is a generous 36" x 36".  Custom sizing is also available. The hems on our rags are serged and guaranteed for the life of the rag.

Light Weight Silk China Silk or sometimes referred to as Habotai Silk is a very light weight silk.  This weight is great for the warmer seasons.

Medium Weight Silk Our Exclusive Prints and Paisley are in this medium weight category along with our Paisley and Jacquard and Crepe de Chine. These silks are just right for most occasions and are available in many prints and colors. The Jacquards have a textured pattern woven into the fabric and are available in many beautiful colors

Heavy Weight Silk Charmeuse Silk is our heaviest weight silk. It is available in prints or solid colors. Charmeuse has a shiny finish on one side and a dull finish on the reverse side.