High Quality 100% Mohair Cinches
We have all these cinches handmade special for us!
Our Double Rigged Saddle Cinch is our most popular style!

Regular Cinches

Black & Grey

Tri-Color (Natural, Sorrel & Black)

Green Tri-Color (Natural/Green/Dark Brown)
Special Order Only!!

100% Mohair Regular Style Cinches
Center 6 3/4”/24 Strands Wide
Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware
When ordering specify: Length, Color, Hardware

Lengths 28” - 36” (custom lengths available)

Brass Hardware $135.00
Stainless Hardware $120.00

**Some custom colors are available on mohair cinches!  Colors other than what we have listed may not be 100% mohair

**Custom sizes available!!  Cinches 38" and over add $20.00

Roper Cinches


Black & Sorrel

Sorrel & Natural

Roper Cinch


Black & Grey

100% Mohair Roper Style Cinches
Center 8 1/4”/30 Strands Wide (1 color are 31 strands)
When ordering specify: Length, Color, Hardware
Lengths 28” - 36” (custom lengths available)
Brass Hardware    $135.00
Stainless Steel Hardware   $120.00

**Custom sizes available!  Cinches 38" and over add $20.00

Double Rigged Saddle Cinches

Double Rigged Saddle Cinch
Double Rigged Saddle Cinch Natural


Double Rigged Saddle Cinch Grey


Double Rigged Saddle Cinch Sorrel


Double Rigged Saddle Cinch Black


Chocolate Mohair


100% Mohair Double Rigged Saddle Cinch
with Brass Buckles $210.00
with Stainless Buckles $200.00
Stock Lengths: 28”/34”, 30”/36”, 32”/38”, 34”/40”, 36"/42"

Center 10"/38 Strands Wide. Back portion is 6" longer (3" on each side) than front portion.

*Our custom double rigged saddle cinches make the saddle have a universal, super wide center fire rigging position! Very comfortable for the horse, pulls down equally from the front and back with the front angling back and back angling forward. Helps free up the shoulders, don't have to cinch as tight, secures the saddle better than a regular cinch and back strap!

**Custom sizes available!!
Front portion 38" and over prices as follows:
with Brass Buckles $230.00
with Stainless Buckles $220.00

Close Out Original design double rigged saddle cinches $130.00
Sizes available:
(1) 34"/36" Black w/Brass Buckles
(2) 36"/38" Black w/Brass Buckles
(1) 36"/38" Natural w/Brass Buckles

*Warning: We don't recommend wearing spurs with the double rigged cinches as your rowel can get caught in back portion cord.

Our special designed Double Rigged Saddle Cinch!
The cinch is 6" longer on the back half with a D-ring for the breast collar.
This cinch spreads cinch pressure over a very large area further back for more comfort and stability for the horse and for most animals you don't have to cinch as tight!
The front half of the cinch stays out of the way of front leg movement which is especially helpful for gaited horses.  By using this cinch set up, a breast collar and a crupper,  your saddle will be more stable even on the most rolly polly horses provided the saddle does not have any fit issues.

The Doube Rigged Saddle Cinch works great for any riding discipline including roping.