Out West Herbs

It is such an honor and a pleasure to work with all the horses (dogs, cats and now people) from photos I get from all over the country!  It is not about what I or the owner thinks they need, I use a method of Applied Kinesiology to look for weak energy systems in their body and then match the energy of a herb blend or supplement to support the weak area in priority.  It is so exciting to see and hear how horses become so much happier and healthier after being supported by Equine Natural Care's equine herb blends.
~Terri Beecher, Equine Energetic Evaluator & Consultant

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Equine Energetic Evaluations®
Evaluating your horse's herb blend needs using Applied Kinesiology!

Equine Natural Care pure, high quality herb blends for:
mental, emotional and physical needs for your horse!