About Us

The Out West Saddlery Family (2 and 4-legged) are excited to meet you and offer our high quality, unique products and personalized service, whether you live across town, or across the ocean!

Bob Beecher- Master Saddler
Bob has been a custom saddle maker since 1996. Bob’s background as an outfitter, ranch manager, custom boat and house builder gave him
invaluable knowledge that he has applied to saddle fitting, making him one of the best saddle fitters in the country. Bob cowboyed in NV and outfitted in AZ & CO. Bob’s passions are most outdoor activities including horseback riding, hunting, fishing and exploring.

Terri Beecher-Pardner & Business Manager
Terri is the business manager, which includes being the product buyer, web master, custom order designer, head of customer relations and accounting. Terri’s passions are teaching and providing whole horse evaluations, equine energetic evaluations using Kinesiology to set up custom herb programs for horses. Terri's background is being an animal health technician and dental hygienist in the past.  She loves most outdoor activities including muleback riding, 4-wheeling, fishing & exploring


Jace Teller - Apprentice Saddler
Jace is learning to make it all and doing a great job!!  When we met him he had already been doing some leather work including making his first saddle.  He is serious about saddle making/leather work as a long-term career and someday wants a business of his own,
Jace loves roping, bulldogging, hunting, fishing, and the outdoors in general.

Bandita-Augi (Corgi/Miniature Aussie)
"Dita" is the shop greeter, herder of humans, equines, her cat and our visitor alarm. Her passions are going for walks, herding, cat wrestling, playing ball, chasing a laser light and chewing on chewies, antlers, and various other things that sometimes get her in trouble.

Brodie - 3/4 Heeler 1/4 Border Collie 
Brodie is our lover boy! He loves going for runs, chasing balls, playing with the other dogs, cuddling, chewing on antler pieces, meeting new people and  hanging out with his people.
Lily - Orange Tabby Manx Cat 
Lily is a little character!  She is very affectionate!  Loves to go for walks and hang out with her people and her dogs.  Loves to play and hunt!