Terri Beecher – Education & Experience

Terri Beecher – Education and experience related to providing whole horse evaluations, Equine Energetic Evaluations using kinesiology and setting up herb programs.

1976 ~ Took class for Veterinary Assistant at San Diego Humane Society

1979 ~ Graduated from San Diego Mesa College with an Associate Science Degree in Animal Health Technology

1979-1980 ~ Worked as a licensed Animal Health Technician in California veterinary hospital

1980-1982 ~ Worked as a State Humane & Animal Control Officer for El Dorado County South Lake Tahoe, CA (learned further how to evaluate animals health conditions and measure improvement)

1993 ~ Graduated from CNCC Rangely , CO with Associate Science Degree in Dental Hygiene

(this gave me more in depth understanding of general anatomy & physiology and effects of pharmaceuticals)

1993-2009 ~ Worked as a Dental Hygienist

1996-Present ~ Out West Saddlery, LLC Through our business I have done hundreds of saddle fittings and whole horse health evaluations including checking for imbalances in hoofs, body, and teeth/jaw alignment etc.

2008 ~ Took a Body Talk Class Modules 1 & 2 which teaches a form of energetic evaluations looking  for mental, emotional & physical imbalances in people and animals using kinesiology and learning an energetic form of helping re balance.

2010 ~ Took an Animal Communication class from world renowned Amelia Kinkade

2013 ~ Took Beginning Class on Herbs & Equine Energetic Evaluation using kinesiology from Equine Natural Care.  This furthered my education in evaluating for imbalances in the body and learning how to use herbs, homeopathy, bach flower remedies and some essential oils to support all the systems of the body.

2014 ~ Took Advanced Class on Herbs & Equine Energetic Evaluations from Equine Natural Care

2019 ~ Took Advanced Class on Herbs & Equine Energetic Evaluations from Equine Natural Care

2013-Present ~ Out West Saddlery, LLC dba Out West Herbs.
Do Equine Energetic Evaluations and set up custom herb programs for animals.