Bucking Rolls

Below are our Bucking Rolls in stock!  Feel Free to Order the Color you Prefer!

We use only high quality material for our bucking rolls, stuffed tightly with sheered sheep wool.  The two styles are functional and make your saddle look good!
*Base leather can be stained darker.

Twist or String Tie?
When choosing bucking rolls for your saddle, you will need to decide whether you want a twist or a string attachment. The twist is our preferred method, as it is the most secure way of attaching the roll under your fork. You will need a drill, and someone to help you hold the saddle while you screw them in.
If you choose strings, the proper way to attach them involves cutting a small slot int he front of your saddle's seat, and lacing the string through it so that the rolls can't move around. They can be attached without a slot, but they will not be as secure.

Great Basin or Rocky Mountain?
Both styles look great. All of our Out West Saddlery Stock Saddles use the Great Basin style.
The Rocky Mountain style can look a little more fancy, and the base shows more, so it looks nice if it matches your saddle.

Size of our Bucking Rolls: They are handmade so size is approximate but very close.
Base is 3 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" long
Roll is 5" long x 2 3/4" wide x 3" high

Great Basin Style

#89 Great Basin Bucking Rolls

#89 Great Basin Bucking Rolls
Cream w/Dark Brown Welt

More Great Basin Style Bucking Rolls Coming Soon!
Feel Free to Order the Color you Prefer!

Rocky Mountain Style

More Rocky Mountain Bucking Rolls Coming Soon!
Feel Free to Order the Color you Prefer!

The pictures below show how the "Twist" bucking rolls attach.
These stay in place the best.

Showing the Twist
Showing the Twist