Equine Herb Program Testimonials

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Ajax Thiel Before
Ajax Thiel After

I have known about Terri and Equine Natural Care herbs for a couple of years. I finally reached out to Terri when each of my 4 horses was struggling with different things. One had anxiety, poor body condition, and poor topline. One had extreme body soreness, hock arthritis, poor hoof growth, weight loss, ulcers, extreme discomfort and combativeness during hoof trims, and a deteriorating topline. And the other 2 had high fecal egg count loads that weren't responding to chemical wormers.
Within 6 weeks of starting their unique herb programs, the first two horses had dramatic physical and emotional changes. These horses had not responded to other treatments and diet changes in the previous 6 months, including pharmaceutical support for arthritis and pain. Their toplines were now lifting, their comfort and emotional states improved, and they were much nicer horses to handle.
With the other two horses, the parasite protocols led to decreased fecal egg counts. One of them in particular cycled through what appeared to be neck threadworm die-offs with each round of herbs. These appeared as bumps under his mane that became less and less each time. After 6 months the bumps finally went away entirely and he was much less itchy.
I was a very skeptical person regarding the power of herbs prior to these experiences, and now they are solidly in my arsenal for treating and preventing a variety of issues. They won't replace all western medicine for my herd, but I definitely feel they are complementary to regular care and maintenance, and some of the blends are great alternatives to some harsher prescription meds.
As for working with Terri specifically, she was wonderful. She is confident in her experience, is humble enough to say when she isn't sure about something, and she immediately does more research to remedy any holes in her knowledge. I will definitely continue consulting Terri Beecher at Out West Herbs as needed!
- Christina

Equine Herbs

Over the winter "Catty" lost weight and wasn't shedding normally. These pictures are ONLY 12 days after starting her custom herb program doing an evaluation using kinesiology from a current photo, tweaking her feed program and feeding her the amazing Equine Natural Care herb blends.

Equine Herbs Testimonial

"Serena" March 2016

Equine Herbs Testimonial

"Serena" March 2016

Equine Herbs Testimonial

"Serena" May 2016!!

Serena is back to being her old self on the trail. She keeps up and sometimes leads. If she is around other horses, she is ready to go. She has always been this way, it is a mare thing. She had lost all this spunk and interest in anything, it is nice to have her back. She is 24 and we have been riding almost everyday. I noticed her cinch has moved up (smaller). She is probably the trimmest she has ever been.
Elaine Allen

*Amazing example of how customized herb programs using Equine Natural Care's high quality herb blends can do miracles!!

bravo equine herb program testimonial


Estella Cumberford
I have a sensitive horse named "Dream Came True" or, Bravo for short. He's a big, registered paint gelding that was given to me after he was let go by his breeder for not fitting in with their training program to become a reining horse. They told me: "He just acts like he hates the world". Apparently he would bolt, bite, and buck. Basically whatever it took to get off the lead rope, away from touch, or out from under the saddle, he would try. 
When he came to me, I handled him using Natural Horsemanship, and just let him live like a horse for a while. That helped a lot, and we got to where we could trail ride a little bit, as long as other horses were around and get along pretty well with each other, but he always seems like he just disliked being touched, and that his back was bothering him a lot. I figured that he has some sort of an old ligament injury in his sacrum or hocks from learning to do sliding stops at 2 years old. 
He would still nip occasionally, and HATED cantering under saddle, and his backbone stuck up even though his weight was good. I tried a lot of different things, including nutritional changes, a different saddle, a different pad, dental work, chiropractic work, acupuncture, balanced hoof care, and even veterinary shockwave therapy and steroidal injections in his back. I was desperate to help him, but no matter what I did, it seemed like it would make a difference for a while and then he would slide right back into pain and irritability of before.
After I'd had him for 1.5 years, I took him with me when I moved across the country from North Carolina to Colorado. Being in the trailer for such long chunks of time threw his back and mood into the worst condition I had ever seen. Finger palpations of less that a pound of pressure would sent his back into spasms, and he would drop like he was going to fall down. I was worried that he would never recover or be rideable again, and scared that I would have to put him down if he became too aggressive, as I didn't dare let someone else take him who might not understand his pain. 
And then I met Terri and Bob Beecher. Bob, being a master of corrective saddling had a lot to say about my tack, and Terri, being a super knowledgeable whole horse health practitioner told me that my horse was exhibiting classic signs of herpes. I of course freaked out, not really understanding what that meant, but Terri assured me that it was something we could work with. She took a hair sample, and used kineseology to prescribe a round of herbals to balance his brain, clean his blood, and detox his whole body. Within 6 weeks, Bravo had gone from borderline aggressive/dangerous in certain situations, to very soft and relaxed. He stopped being defensive about brushing and food, and was happy to accept me riding bareback, although the saddle still bothered him. 
We continued with the herbals for more than a year, and his whole demeanor and level of physical comfort improved drastically. His body filled out, and became muscular and strong instead of tense and tight, His back muscles filled out on either side of his spine, and his coat and hooves also greatly improved. We had struggled with a central hoof crack that ran from toe to coronary band since the day I got him, and had never been able to get it to grow out, despite the work of some great farriers. I fully believe that the herbals supported his body from the inside out, and allowed all of his cells and nervous system to cleanse and regenerate in a way that could never have been achieved from outside therapies. 
Today, Bravo and I ride on intense trails in the high country several days a week in the Spring Summer and Fall, and occasionally participate in clinics and other events. He has become an incredible, steady, happy horse that I can rely on in all situations, and trust to be there for me mentally, emotionally, and physically in ways that I never would have dreamed possible when I first met him. He was someone else's give-away, but is now my "Dream Came True", thanks to Terri and Bob's amazing help. 

"Dash" Stirling - Loves to run!!


Happy "Dash"

My name is Shawn Stirling and I have been involved with horses my entire life (50 years) . I have trained with the some of best trainers and horsemen in Canada and the USA. I have competed in the areas of Equitation, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, and now I hold my Women's Professional Rodeo Association card and compete in rodeo and barrel racing. I ride Quarter horses and I have always wanted to provide my animals with the best possible care and supplement program. I met my friend Terri Beecher in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and she introduced me to Equine Natural Care. I have been using these supplements for 3 years now for my performance horses and am THRILLED with the results!

My horses are calm yet extremely competitive; they are content, have healthy coats and are always extremely happy in every situation we encounter, on the road and at home. I wanted to share specifically that Kid, my 8 year old Quarter Horse gelding, had previously been extremely hot and fresh to exercise and especially to warm up at rodeos and races. I was feeling quite anxious about it and it was not enjoyable for either of us, within a week of starting his ENC supplements he was a different horse! Relaxed & calm. Now lopes around on a loose rein to warm -up or ride wherever we are. Many of my friends noticed the dramatic difference & were extremely surprised and impressed. My 9 year old gray gelding "Dash", who is by a son of Judge Cash, was lethargic and his coat was dull and rough when I purchased him in January 2015. Again, within a couple weeks of being on ENC, his energy perked right up and his coat began to shed & come back like spun silver. He was not a rodeo horse or experienced barrel horse when I bought him, and he is currently running in the top of the 1D division at big races and has begun a successful rodeo career.

I especially believe in this product because it works with the horse's own natural digestive system and gives them what they need to enhance and balance their own natural state of well-being. I also am completely on board with the energy work involved in evaluating/asking the horse which ENC products the horse truly needs in the order best for that individual horse.  As an evaluator Terri is highly intuitive and successful in picking up what the horse wants and needs.  The major thing I see among horse people is a lack of understanding & empathy for what the horse actually needs to feel better. I do feel that top-notch dental, shoeing and bodywork is necessary as well as a ENC feeding program, for horses to achieve their full wellness and performance potential. Anyone who loves their animals & tries Equine Natural Care will NEVER use another brand of supplement again! Another sure sign is how the horses LOVE the taste of it. The wormer is brilliant and totally effective as well. We need to detox our animals from what they have been given in the past & keep the program close to Nature, as the Good Lord intended...

Subject: I have a new horse
His name is Bodie!
Well maybe not a brand new horse.

Here is an update:

  1. He has now been on the potion for 7 days.
  2. Our barn is a lot more settled
  3. If I were to score Bodie on a ‘wired’ scale he was a 9.5/10 when I brought him back and it did not look like it was going to change
  4. Now I would score him as a 2/10 – even Kim agrees.
  5. Yesterday, for the first time, I took him into the round pen to see what would happen – I had no expectation nor illusion.
  6. There was no initial bolt/runout, he just walked around the round pen in a plod fashion
  7. His neckline was soft
  8. If I moved abruptly he noticed, he might take a few (2 or 3) quick steps and then he reverted back to the plod
  9. I caught myself on a few occasions wanted to urge him on to move a little faster – I bit my tongue with venom

I intend to see what he is like over the next few days then put a saddle on him and see if that initiates any change.
Anyhow, thought you would like to know.

I have been using Equine Natural Care herbs for about six months now with my herd of five horses. I like that it is all natural and that each program is tailored to the individual horse. It really takes the guess work out of which supplement to choose because the horses tell you what they need. Terri has been fantastic and spot on in their evaluations. I haven't had a problem with any of my horses eating the herbs and I have a couple of picky eaters. Each time their programs change, they dive in with renewed gusto. The following are examples of how the herbs have benefited each horse.

mouse equine herb program testimonial

Before starting Mouse on her herb program, she was spooky and had a tendency to panic. It was like riding a big deer. After the first program which included Bach flower remedy rock rose, I was able to successfully ride her through flares, carry a flag, push through and break crime scene tape, and fire a gun horseback. All this was done at a police mounted school. The first time I took her to a school she panicked and exhibited extremely herd bound behavior. The second time around was a huge improvement! The herbs helped her become much more relaxed and she began thinking about things instead of just trying to flee the scene. She is also a really easy keeper and can gain weight simply by looking at grass. Her second program included thyroid balance which has allowed her to have the same amount of grazing time as my other horses while maintaining a healthy weight.

prissy equine herb program testimonial

Prissy as her name may imply was a bit of a diva. She was cranky, mean and always had a poor expression.  If she saw anyone coming, halter or no, she would immediately make for the hills. During groundwork she would go through the motions with no try and she was very resistant to learning anything new. Her first response was to escape and if that didn't work she would become aggressive. While riding she was always very forward and hurried. There was no easy trail riding, she had somewhere else to be and the quicker she got to the destination the better. Her first program included an herb blend to support the pituitary and adrenal glands as well as Rescue Remedy. This really helped balance her hormones because she became much sweeter and even tempered. She has also always been very itchy, especially in the summer, and she has difficulty growing hair on her face, neck and chest. Her first program also included environmental detox and about 4 weeks into the program, I could see new hair growth on her face. Towards the end of the first program she was like a completely different horse. She didn't try to leave if she saw you coming, she was much more affectionate, and her mane and tail were growing longer than they ever had. For her second and third programs, she has been on mare tonic. She has kept her sweet attitude and is much more willing to participate in training.

brick equine herb program testimonial

Brick was very reactive and over sensitive. A sneeze would cause him to snort and jump ten feet sideways.  Despite being ponied extensively and introduced to a multitude of different stimuli, his reactions were very unpredictable. His first program included a heaping scoop of neuro which really helped him to relax and let down. He became less explosive. I was working on getting him comfortable walking by the cowboy curtain obstacle on a particularly windy day. A strong gust of wind blew the curtain over and it fell away from us.  He took one step back and just stood there. Before, he would have been gone. He has become much more curious instead of always operating in flight mode. He is a half-brother to my other horse Mouse and also has a tendency to be a little on the round side. His first program also included thyroid balance which has really helped keep his weight in check. His ground work has all been done but I had put off starting him under saddle because his reactions were so erratic. In my experience geldings are usually a little slower maturing mentally but he was going on seven. After the improvements I saw as a result of his first program, I restarted him and am extremely happy with the progress.

brick and belle equine herb program testimonial

Ziggy: Bay
Ziggy is my go to guy when I need a really solid horse. He is seventeen and I had been noticing some muscular atrophy behind his withers along with a diminishing top line. He was also becoming extremely uncomfortable at the trot and was stiff. His first program was basically a detox but it also included structural build. By the end of that program I noticed improved muscle mass behind his withers. His second program included joint plus and pain away. Three weeks into that program, he started having more energy and was running up with the other horses. He would normally just trot behind. I noticed less clicking and popping when he would walk by. His third program also included joint plus which I think may be a maintenance blend for him. I rode him for the first time after a three month break and his trot was much smoother, he didn't stumble, and he showed increased suppleness. He has also gotten that mischievous glint back in his eye.

Belle: Palomino
Belle was a rescue filly I got as an 8 month old. When I picked her up she was about the size of a three month old, had a dull shaggy coat, and terrible feet. I was told she had been taken off her mother early due to the mare's poor condition. Her first program included immune along with thyroid, neuro, and environmental detox. This really gave her the boost she needed. Her coat is now a beautiful, soft dappled gold, her eyes are brighter, and her feet are growing correctly. Because she is young I haven't done much with her except halter break her. She is a balanced happy horse. By her second program she was on maintenance. She is very even tempered and a pleasure to be around. I am confident that by keeping her on this program I will avoid any of the imbalances I have seen with my older horses.

A very satisfied customer,
Lauren Herr