Zodiac Horse necklace is made of cast sterling silver and hand polished to a flawless finish. Each one is designed to convey the unique personality of all 12 signs of the zodiac.   These Zodiac Horse necklaces are fun to wear displaying your own zodiac sign.  If you like horses, these Zodiac Horse necklaces  are a great conversation piece and/or gift for someone special.  $79.75

Zodiac Horses come with a sterling silver chain.  Also available on black, dark brown or natural adjustable leather for an additional $5.00.  

Zodiac Horse with Leather necklace
Zodiac Horses

Create your own Zodiac Horse Family Necklace!

Aquarius Zodiac Horse

Aquarius Zodiac Horse - Jan. 20- Feb 18
Well known for being ahead of his time, Aquarius races to the front of the herd.  His fresh ideas are sure to inspire new trends.  

Pisces Zodiac Horse - Feb. 19 - March 20
"Reality and fantasy, as horses, stand tied together. Aware of their conflicted nature they glance at each other pondering a solution to their predicament. Pisces is a dreamer with a wild imagination, and an individual restricted by no boundaries.”

Aries Zodiac Horse - March 21 - April 19
"Aries leans forward towards his destination. He is ready to conquer anything in his path to achieve success. Whether Aries is leading a group or on his own personal mission he will be victorious. He has the drive and determination of a champion."

Taurus Zodiac Horse - Apr. 20- May 20
Stands strong and tall. Patience paired with quiet determination lead her to success. Taurus is a loyal friend and loved for her dependability.  

Gemini Zodiac Horse - May 21- Jun 20
The twins leap off to their next adventure. Gemini possesses an unquenchable curiosity and desire to uncover all of life's mysteries. They are a social couple and delight in conversation with those around them.  

Cancer Zodiac Horse - Jun. 21- Jul. 22
Nuzzles her child taking great care to make sure he is happy and content. The young foal stands by her side sheltered from harm. Cancer's gentle demeanor never fails to create a warm comforting environment.

Leo Zodiac Horse - Jul. 23- Aug. 22
An enthusiastic rear puts Leo in the spotlight where he will flourish. Endless energy and charisma charm those around him while Leo does what he does best... Entertain!  

Virgo Zodiac Horse - Aug. 23 - Sept. 22
"A playful foal dances with all the innocence of a child. Such a young mind can expect the world to be nothing less than flawless. Virgo constantly strives to create perfection in every aspect of her life for herself and her companions.”

Libra Zodiac Horse - Sept. 23 - Oct. 22
"Libra canters round and collected, with the quintessential balance of a dressage horse. Balance and the quest to maintain it, is essential to Libra's well-being.”

Scorpio Zodiac Horse - Oct. 23- Nov. 21
Scorpio's unbridled power is exemplified in this wild buck. Her intensity is obvious at a glance although the depth of her soul may not be. The deep mysteries surrounding Scorpio make her truly intriguing.  

Sagittarius Zodiac Horse - Nov. 22- Dec. 21
Gazing up towards the heavens Sagittarius ponders the complexity of the universe. His deepest wish is to experience all life has to offer, and never fall into a tedious routine. Sagittarius is an inherent explorer with an insatiable thirst for philosophy and knowledge.  

Capricorn Zodiac Horse
Dec. 22 - Jan. 19
"All four feet perched atop a mountain peak, Capricorn stands with confidence. She is responsible and quite sure of herself. Capricorn has a mind for business and the drive to become a leader.”