#70 Out Of The Wild - Movie Saddle

Out of the Wild Saddle

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. —Winston Churchill

Out West Saddlery Saddles ~

We specialize in old-time style saddles that fit today’s horses and are healthy and comfortable for both rider and equine.  All of our saddles and trees are handmade using the highest quality workmanship and materials available. All the stitching is recessed for quality and durability. Our saddles are perfectly balanced for a comfortable ride for you and your horse. They are one of the few western saddles built today that are designed for you to sit in a centered position, as close to the back as possible, kind of like riding bareback, for the best communication between you and your horse.  The seat is not built up in the front so that you are not tilted backward off balance, or put into the "lounge chair" position.

See pictures of samples of custom saddles & semi-custom saddles we have built.

We do custom fittings for you and your horse or herd in person or from tracings and measurements you send to us: See our saddle fitting guide & saddle fitting information & philosophy pages.  We encourage a universal fitting saddle for the type of horses you like, not a saddle to a horse because horses change like us!  We believe proper fit and the way the saddle positions you are the most important elements in choosing a saddle.

Base price for Full Custom Saddles is $4,500.00
Base price for our Semi-Custom Saddles is $4,200.00
With our full custom saddles, no two saddles are alike and they are numbered!
The average weight is 32 lbs.! We stand behind all of our workmanship!!

For every purchase of a new in stock, semi-custom or custom-made Out West Saddlery saddle you can get one of our Therapeutic Saddle Fitting Pads at a 15% discount.  These pads are what make your saddle very universal!

Out West Saddlery Stock Saddle

*See more testimonials on the bottom of the following pages:
Custom Saddles by Bob Beecher & Out West Saddlery Customizable Stock Saddles

And Another Happy Horse & Rider!! We love our job so much!!
"Dear Terri,
I can't even begin to express how much Ted (my horse) and I absolutely love our new saddle! It fits him perfectly and he moves so much nicer because of the wider bars and flare of the tree. I'm so beyond grateful! I've been wanting to send pictures but all of the smoke has limited my ability to ride. Although it wasn't sunny this morning, it was foggy, I had a wonderful ride and snapped a quick picture. So many people have commented about how beautiful and well-made my saddle is and I gave them your information. I betcha you'll be gaining some additional customers...wait until we return to competition! I'm so beyond happy with the saddle and am absolutely in love with it!! My horse is quite sensitive, think the Princess and the pea, and definitely speaks very loudly when he's uncomfortable and comfortable. He loves it too! I'm absolutely blown away by the craftsmanship, beauty, and comfort for both my horse and myself. A completely functional work of art! Thank you so much!! I'm attaching a photo. -Melanie Sheaves~Novato CA"

Custom Wade Saddle

"Wow! Where do I begin? I've been riding in high-quality western saddles for over a year, including my mentor's Vaquero Wade by Bob Beecher, and they felt great in a lot of ways but were, of course, too big for me (I'm 5'2'', 95 lbs). I just received my nearly new 13" Vaquero Wade from Bob and Terri. My background is in dressage. My seat is better in this saddle than in my dressage saddle! I can't believe it made such an immediate change in my seat. It allowed me to sit correctly right away. I've been struggling for a year to hold a proper position in saddles too big for me. I've almost forgotten what it feels like to be stable in my posture without having to use every muscle to keep myself right!

My horse loved it. He trotted with his nose in the dirt for several laps. His canter was elevated through the shoulders and he had more forward impulsion. I think both the tree and my posture contributed to his comfort. He felt fantastic.
I am so excited! I honestly wasn't expecting to be this pleased with it! I guess I didn't realize a western saddle could be so comfortable!
Terri was absolutely wonderful to work with when deciding on this saddle. And I will be forever grateful to this saddles first owner for customizing it so beautifully.
Thank you!"
Kathy Pennenga