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Great collection of Horse related books

100 Ways to Improve Your Horse's Behavior
     by Susan McBane  Sale $17.99

101 Uses for a Horse
     by Melissa Sovey-Nelson  Sale $9.72

A Cowboy's Faith
     by Jack Terry  Sale $10.20

A Good Horse Never a Bad Color
     by Mark Rashid  Sale $12.48

All the Wild Horses
     Preserving the Spirit of Beauty of the World's Wild Horses
          by Dayton Hyde and Rita Summers  Sale $24.00

Among Wild Horses
     A Portrait of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs
          by Lynne Pomerang   Sale $10.17

Ask Your Animal
     by Marta Williams  Sale $8.97

Barns of the West
     A Vanishing Legacy
          by Arthur A. Hart  Sale $17.97

Be a Smart Horse Buyer
     by Bob Avila  Sale $14.97

     by Brannaman & Reynolds  Sale $8.47

Best Remuda's
          by Jim Jennings  Sale $23.97

Beyond Words
     by Marta Williams  Sale $8.97

Big Horses, Good Dogs, Straight Fences
by Mark Rashid  Sale $11.38

Bombproof Your Horse
     by Rick Pelicano  Sale $14.97

Born to This Land
     by Red Steagall and Skeeter Hagler  Sale $20.97

Breaking & Riding with Military Commentaries
     by James Fillis  Sale $10.17

Buffalo Bill's Life Story
     by Coke Newell  Sale $6.48

     Photo Biography of Annie Oakley
          by Sue Macy Sale $10.77

Caring for the Horse's Teeth and Mouth
     by Chris Hannes Sale $21.00

Colorado's Wild Horses
     by Claude Steelman  Sale $17.97

Cowboy in the Making
     by Robert Dawson  Sale $9.00

Cowboy Lingo
     A Dictionary of the Slack-Jaw Words and Whangdoodle Ways of the American West
          by Ramon F. Adams Sale $6.60

     Past, Present & Future
          by Jack Brainard Sale $21.00

     by Catriona Clarke  Sale $2.09

Cowgirl Poetry
by Will James Sale $6.57

Cowgirls in Heaven
     by David R. Stoecklein  Sale $30.00

Cow Chips aren't for Dippin'
     by Criswell Freeman  Sale $4.17

Dancing Otters and Clever Coyotes
     by Gary Buffalo Horn Man  Sale $7.48

Dog Gone Good
     by Gwen Bailey Sale $5.50

Dog Tales for the Soul
     by Bonnie Probert-Marlewski  Sale $11.97

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
     by Richard Pitcairn  Sale $11.37

Draft Horses
     An Owner's Manual
          by Michael J. Wildenstein  Sale $22.40

     by Henry Wynmalen Sale $9.00

Dressage in Harmony
     by Walter Zettl  Sale $17.37

Dude Ranches of the American West Sale $30.00

Dutch Oven Cooking
     by J. Wayne Fears  Sale $14.97

Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding
     by Bruce Grant  Sale $14.98

Evidence Based Horsemanship
     by Dr. Stephen Peters and Martin Black  Sale $11.00

Farm Blacksmithing
     Practical Hints for Handy-men
          by J.M. Drew Sale $7.77

Feeding Horses & Ponies
     Overcoming Common Feeding Problems
          by Susan McBane  Sale $11.99

From Foal to Full-Grown
     by Janet Lorch  Sale $11.99

Getting in Touch with Your Horse
     How to Assess and Influence Personality, Potential and Performance
          by Linda Tillington-Jones  Sale $10.97

Gilded Girls
     by Will James  Sale $6.57

Goodby, friend
     by Gary Kowalski  Sale $7.17

Good Ol' Cowboy Stories
     by Jack Terry  Sale $10.19

Gunsmoke and Saddle Leather
     Firearms in the Nineteenth-Century American West
          by Charlie G. Worman  Sale $45.50

Hands-on Healing for Pets
     The Animal Lover's Essential Guide to Using Healing Energy
          by Margrit Coates  Sale $10.80

Happy Trails
     by Les Sellnow  Sale $11.97

Herbs for Pets (All you wanted to know about)
     by Mary L. Wolff-Tilford & Gregory L. Tilford  Sale $17.97

Herding Dogs
     Selecting and Training the Working Farm Dog
          by Christine Hartnagle Renna  Sale $8.97

High Spirited Women of the West
     by Will James Sale $7.77

Hitched Horsehair II
     Advanced Patterns and Inlay Projects
          by Ron & Shoni Maulding  Sale $17.99

Holistic Horsekeeping
     How to Have a Healthy Happy Horse
          by Madalyn Ward  Sale $11.97

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs
     Small Doses for Small Animals
          by Don Hamilton  Sale $15.00

Horse Bits & Pieces
     by Sarah Widdicombe  Sale $8.99

Horse Color Explained
     by Jeanette Gower  Sale $11.97

Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement
     The Natural Mechanics of Movement Common to all Breeds
          by Susan E. Harris  Sale $12.09

Horse Journal
     Guide to Equine Supplements and Nutraceuticals
          by Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD Sale $11.98

Horse Miracles
     by Brad Steigler  Sale $5.97

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook
     by Thomas Gore  Sale $22.00

Horse Smarts for the Busy Rider
     By Rick Lamb  Sale $10.17

Horse Tales
     by Ben K. Green Sale $9.00

Horsemanship Through Life
     A Trainer's Guide to Better Living and Better Riding
          By Mark Rashid  Sale $12.48

Horses Talking
     How to Share Healing Messages with the Horses in Your Life
          by Margaret Coates  Sale $14.97

How Your Horse Works
     by Susan McBane Sale $11.99

I Never Sold My Saddle
     by Ian Tyson  Sale $13.20

In the Saddle With Uncle Bill
     by Jo Ann Chartier  Sale $8.40

Is Your Horse a Rock Star?
     Understanding Your Horse's Personality
          by Dessa Hackley  Sale $6.00

It's Not About the Horse
     by Wyatt Webb  Sale $7.67

Klaus Balkenhol
     The Man and His Training Methods
          by Britta Schoffmann  Sale $17.97

Learning from Longhorns
     by Lester Galbreath and Glenn Dromgoole  Sale $12.97

Learning their Language
     by Marta Williams  Sale $8.97

Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse
     by Mark Rashid  Sale $12.48

Livestock Guardians
     by Janet Vorwald Dohner  Sale $14.97

Living Western Horsemanship
     by LeRoy Dawson  Sale $18.00

Longeing & Long Lining the English & Western Horse
     by Cherry Hill   Sale $17.97

Look-See with Uncle Bill
     by Chris Enss  Sale $8.40

Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You
     by Pete Ramey  Sale $16.17

Mexican Horse Training Methods and Traditions of Horsemanship
     by Diane Gadway with Ricardo Galvez  Sale $7.90

Monte Foreman's Horse-Training Science
     by Monte Foreman and Patrick Wyse  Sale $27.97

Never Ask a Man the Size of His Spread
     by William Foster-Harris  Sale $4.17

Outwitting Dogs
     by Terry Ryan & Kirsten Mortensen  Sale $7.77

Photographing the West
     by David R. Stoecklein  Sale $27.50

Pistol Packin' Madams
     by Menno Kalmann  $6.57

Practical Horse Massage
     by Renate ETTL   Sale $11.37

Prayers Along the Trail
     by Jack Terry   Sale $10.19

Principles of Conformation Analysis
     Volume I  Sale $5.39
     Volume II  Sale $5.39
     Volume III  Sale $5.39
          by Deb Bennett

Ranch Dog
     A Tribute to the Working Dog in the American West
          by Marianne Murdock & Nancy Burgess  Sale $7.77

Reflections on Equestrian Art
     by Nuno Oliveira  Sale $17.99

Rescued by a Horse
     by Cheryl Dudley Sale $6.48

Ride for Life
     by Rallie McAllister M.D. Sale $9.18

Romancing the West
     by Anne Seagraves Sale $9.57

Roping Can be Hazardous to your Health
     by Curt Brummett  Sale $4.17

Saddling Up Anyway
     The Dangerous Lives of Old-Time Cowboys
          by Patrick Dearen  Sale $13.77

     by Russel H. Beatie  Sale $52.50

     A Good Bad Horse
          by Will James  Sale $8.40

Stories from the Living Room
     A Narrative History of the Last Days of the Old West
          by Jon Garate  Sale $9.57

Straight from the Horse's Mouth
     by Amelia Kinkade  Sale $9.57

Straight West
     by Lindy Smith Sale $11.98

The American Mustang Guidebook
     History, Behavior and State-by-State Directions
          by Lisa Dines  Sale $11.97

The American Paint Horse
     A Photographic Portrayal
          by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer and David R. Stoeklein  Sale $33.00

The Book of Mules
     by Donna Campbell Smith  Sale $14.97

The Circle of Trust
     Reflections on the Essence of Horses & Horsemanship
          by Walter Zettl Sale $17.97

The Code of the West
     Then, Now and Forever
          by Don Bishop  Sale $13.17

The Complete Equine Emergency Bible
     by Karen Coumbe and Karen Bush Sale $17.99

The Cowboy
     His Characteristics, His Equipment and His Part in the Development of the West
          by Philip Ashton Rollins  Sale $7.48

The Donkey Companion
     by Sue Weaver  Sale $14.97

The Drifting Cowboy
     by Will James  Sale $8.40

The Essential Guide to Carriage Driving
     by Robyn Cuffey and Jaye Allison Winkel  Sale $14.97

The Faraway Horses
     by Buck Brannaman  Sale $9.47

The Foal is the Goal
     Managing Your Mare and Handling a Stallion
          by Tena Bastian  Sale $14.97

The Foaling Primer
     by Cynthia McFarland  Sale $11.97

The Great Steak Book
     by Grady Spears  Sale $9.57

The Horse Behavior Problem Solver
     Your Questions Answered About How Horses Think, Learn and React
          by Jessica Jahiel Sale $11.97

The Horse's Pain Free Back & Saddle Fit Book
     by Joyce Harman DVM   Sale $17.97

The Language of Miracles
     by Amelia Kinkade  Sale $6.38

The Log of a Cowboy
     by Andy Adams  Sale $6.60

The Look of the Old West
     by Anne Seagraves  Sale $9.98

The Montana Cowboy
     Legends of the Big Sky Country
          by David Stoecklein  Sale $30.00

The Mule Alternative
     The Saddle Mule in the American West
          by Mike Stamm  Sale $5.98

The Orange Slipknot
     by Texas Bit Bender  Sale $7.20

The Revolution in Horsemanship and What it Means to Mankind
     by Robert Miller and Rick Lamb  Sale $14.97

The Tao of Equus
     by Linda Kohanov  Sale $14.97

The Texas Cowboy
     Cowboys of the Lone Star State - A Photographic Portrayal
          by Tom B. Sanders IV and David Stoecklein  Sale $30.00

The Treatment of Horses by Homeopathy
     by George MacLeod  Sale $14.97

The Western Horse
     A Photographic Anthology
     by Buster McLaury and David R. Stoecklein  Sale $30.00

The Wisdom of the West
     by Will James  Sale $3.82

Training and Showing the Versatility Ranch Horse
     by Laren Seller   Sale $9.18

Tschiffely's Ride  Sale $9.98

Ultimate Horse
     by Elwyn Harley Edwards  Sale $14.97

     The Western Horse in Fiction & Nonfiction
          by Michael Engelhard  Sale $13.77

Uncle Bill
     A Tale of Two Kids and a Cowboy
          by Will James  Sale $8.40

United States Military Saddles 1812-1943
     by Randy Steffen  Sale $17.47

Western Horseman
     Problem Solving  by Marty Marten  Sale $8.98
     Ride Smart by Craig Cameron  Sale $10.98
     Cow Horse Confidence by Martin Black and Cynthia McFarland   Sale $11.97
     First Horse  by Fran Devereux Smith  Sale $8.77
     Helpful Hints for Horsemen  Sale $7.98
     Understanding Lameness by Terry Swanson  Sale $13.17
     Cowboys & Buckaroos by Tim O'Byrne  Sale $10.97
     Trail Riding  by Janine M. Wilder  Sale $9.87
     The Art of Hackamore Training by Al Dunning and Benny Guitron  Sale $12.47
     Well-Shod  by Don Baskins  Sale $9.87

What to do When you Don't Know What to Do
      Common Horse Sense
          by Wyatt Webb  Sale $3.98

Whole Heart Whole Horse
     by Mark Rashid  Sale $12.48

Wide Open Spaces
     by Jack Terry  Sale $10.20

Will Rogers Rope Tricks
     by Frank Dean  Sale $4.48

William Matthews
     Working the West
          by Annie Proulx  Sale $30.00

Women are from Venus and so are Their Horses
     by Will James  Sale $10.17

Women who Charmed the West
     by Gladiola Montana  Sale $7.17