GROUND DRIVING 101 In this DVD, Mark takes viewers through the steps he uses when introducing horses - whether the young untrained horse or the older more experienced horse - to the art of ground driving. Covered in this DVD are ways to help desensitize a horse to driving lines, ideas on how to help the handler become more competent when using driving lines, starting a horse on the basics of longeing, and continuing on to more advanced longeing. He then goes on to demonstrate ground driving (including turning, stopping and backing) in both a halter and bridle. Also included in this DVD is a bonus section on how to braid your own driving lines! Running time: One hour, thirty minutes  (Dec 2005) $49.00 Sale Price $25.00!

Bayou Cowboys of Louisiana
Louisiana.  Where cowboying goes along with part-time "gator hunting".  And Cajun and Zydeco music packs more kick than a Crawfish Etouffee.
Cattle handling draws on many roots - Franc, Canada, Africa, Spain, with a little Texas thrown in, too.
And muddy marshlands, drenching rain and vicious hurricanes wield their influence on horses, saddles and the intrepid cowboys who ride them.  So when it comes to gear, practicality rules.
Here, a cow can thrive on an acre or two of grass - compared to 100 acres in West Texas.  But a rider better pay attention when checking cows - those Cottonmouth Moccasins are not too friendly.  And watch out for "gators", one can spook your horse if he's caught by surprise.
Sale Price $10.00!

Trick and Fancy Roping Made Easy - Lesson 1
Instructional DVD / Full Color / 30 Minutes $9.00

Learn the Flat Spin and Wedding Ring - the two techniques that are the basis for most other trick and fancy roping routines. Learn along with four other beginners as renowned trick ropers Mark Allen and Sara Hickey guide you through the basics. Close-up, overhead shots and slow-motion camera work along with expert commentary make it easy and fun and so simple you'll be trick roping before the lesson is over!

Note: These DVDs are Region Independent and will play in all U.S. and International players.

Trick and Fancy Roping Made Easy - Lesson 2
Instructional DVD / Full Color / 30 Minutes $9.00

After you have mastered Flat Spin and Wedding Ring in "Lesson 1" you are ready to move on to the more glamorous and tricky vertical loops. the Butterfly and the Texas Skip, demonstrated in this comprehensive video. Mark Allen works with professional trick ropers Angelo Iodice and John Giannotti, Jr. using overhead and slow-motion video to show you the perfect techniques you need to accomplish these loops.

Note: These DVDs are Region Independent and will play in all U.S. and International players.

"When we listen to our horses, we get an education. When we don't, we get experience." —Mark Rashid