Austin Accents Western Scarf Collections

Austin Accents Wild Rags/Scarfs
These include some fun western scarf prints, different jacquard colors, beautiful paisleys and a unique bandana print!!

Buy 2 or more scarfs and save $2.00 per scarf.

Partner your Wild Rag with a Scarf Slide.  Our Old Time Pioneer Shirts look great with wild rags!!

Austin Accents Turquoise Paisley 100% Silk Scarf

Turquoise Paisley
34 X 34
1313J    $37.00

Austin Accents Black White Red Paisley 100% Silk Scarf

Black White Red Paisley
34 X 34
1313I   $37.00

Austin Accents Navy Bandana 100% Silk Scarf

Navy Bandana
34 X 34
1313H  $37.00

Austin Accents Horseshoes on Black 100% Silk Scarf

Horseshoes on Black
34 X 34
1313E  $37.00

Austin Accents Steer Skulls Brown 100% Silk Scarf

Steer Skulls Brown
34 X 34
1313D  $37.00

Austin Accents Horses on Black 100% Silk Scarf

Horses on Black
34 X 34
1313B  $37.00

Austin Accents Saddle and Horses Brown 100% Silk Scarf

Saddles and Horses Brown
34 X 34
1313A  $37.00

Austin Accents Stars Brown 100% Silk Scarf

Stars Brown
34 X 34
1313M  $37.00

Austin Accents Ghost Rider Black and Grey 100% Silk Scarf

Ghost Rider
34 X 34
1313P  $37.00

Austin Accents Southwest Turquoise and Black 100% Silk Scarf

Southwest Turquoise and Black
34 X 34
1313O  $37.00

Austin Accents Gold Paisley

Gold Paisley
34 X 34
1313J3   $37.00