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Cattle Kate silk scarves are a common sight throughout the West, as shown above, their unique logo is a distinguishing feature of the scarfs.  The very first design quickly became a favorite of buckaroos, wagon masters, corral bosses, and corporate executives everywhere. You'll appreciate these scarves for their generous size, variety of colors and dash of frontier spirit. All are made in Rural America.
*There may be some color variation!

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Cattle Kate Scrunchies

Cattle Kate Silk Scrunchies - The ever-popular silk hair scrunchie is available in the same colors as our jacquard silk scarfs.  Below are the colors still available.
Jacquard Silk Scrunchie: #AS-SSJ $8.00

Cattle Kate LIme


Cattle Kate Teal


Cattle Kate Gold


Cattle Kate’s Solid 100% Silk Scarfs
35” X 35"
#AS-SS    $36.00

Cattle Kate Magenta 100% Silk Scarf


Cattle Kate Silver 100% Silk Scarf


Cattle Kate

Ellen Liddy Watson was born July 2, 1860 and died July 20, 1889.  Ellen Watson was a pioneer woman living in Wyoming who became mistakenly known as Cattle Kate, an outlaw of the Old West. The "outlaw" characterization is an unreliable one, as she was not violent and was never charged with any crime during her life. Accused of cattle rustling, she was ultimately hanged by agents of the powerful cattle ranchers association as an example of what happens to those who opposed them or who threatened their interests. Her life has become an Old West legend.