Custom Saddle Back Straps Back Cinches

Custom Saddle Back Straps Back Cinches. Lined with Latigo.
Can be tooled to match your saddle
Stained to match your saddle,
Front cinch connecting strap

Why use a back strap?

Back straps or back cinches help to stabilize your saddle side to side, and front to back. When fitted properly, they are more comfortable for your horse, especially when you are riding up and down hills, roping or dragging something, or doing fast stops and starts. Your horse will benefit from the back strap keeping the saddle from "popping" up in the back and putting excessive pressure on the front of the tree, pinching the shoulders.

If your horse has never worn a back strap or back cinch before, make sure you adjust it properly with 2-3 fingers of space between the cinch and the horse's belly, and the clip fastened to the front cinch. Let your horse walk, trot and canter on the ground before you get on, because it does feel different. Don't worry, they will get used to it quickly!

Will a back strap work for you?
To use a back strap, you will need to have back rigging rings on your saddle, and back billets or latigo straps, which we can provide if needed. To make you a custom saddle back strap/back cinch, we will need to know how wide your existing back billets are, or how wide you want them. We make our back straps to fit 1 3/4" or 2".

Alternatives to back straps:
If you have a horse who is very round, sometimes, any amount of conventional cinching or creative padding won't keep your saddle in place. We offer Double Rigged Cinches, which essentially turn your saddle into a center-fire rigging, and are extremely comfortable for your horse, they distribute the pressure of the cinch over a much wider area and pull down on 4 points of the saddle rather than 2 which helps free up the shoulders. See our Cinch Page for more details!

Please contact us if you have questions about what would be best for your horse.

Below are samples of the different shapes of back cinches we make:

3" wide back leather cinch

3" Wide Back Strap/Back Cinch

4" oval roper leather back cinch

4" Oval Roper Back Strap/Back Cinch

4" square roper leather back strap

4" Square Roper Back Strap/Back Cinch

6" oval roper leather back cinch

6" Oval Roper Back Strap/Back Cinch