Bit Hobbles/Curb Straps

Out West Saddlery Custom Curb Straps

The five curb straps below are samples of custom curb straps.  Buckles and conchos can be customized for each curb strap and the leather can be stained to match your headstall.

Staining adds $5.00

Plain Out West Saddlery Curb Strap

Plain Out West Saddlery Curb Strap with a plain buckle

Out West Saddlery Plain Custom Curb Strap with Fancy Buckle

Plain Curb Strap with Fancy Buckle

Curb Strap with Loop

Curb Strap with Loops

Stitched Curb Strap with Brass or Stainless Buckles

Stitched Out West Saddlery Curb Strap with Plain Brass or Stainless Buckles

Curb Strap with conchos

Curb Strap with Conchos
Price varies with Conchos chosen

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Bit Hobbles:
*For use in spade and snaffle bits only!

8 Plait Rawhide Braided Bit Hobble or Curb. 7”-9” Long.
#RHBH08 $27.00

Curb Straps w/Tassels, Rawhide Braided Knots & Accents
Specify Tassel Color
#HC02 Harness Leather $30.00 (Pictured)
Grey-Only 1 left!
OR #LC01 Latigo Leather $30.00
Grey-Only 1 left!

Curb Straps:

Latigo Leather Curb w/Rawhide Button & Rings.
Nickle Buckles only.
#LC03B $25.00

Latigo Leather Curb w/Decorated Rawhide Long Button, Nickel Buckles
#SLC09D $50.00

Latigo Leather Curb w/Rawhide Long Button, Nickel Buckles
#SLC09 $40.00