Horse Health & Communication DVDs

Horseman’s Guide to Natural Balance Dentistry DVD
with Spencer LaFlure
Equine Oral Biomechanic Spencer LaFlure shares his wisdom and insight on Natural Balance Dentistry as it fits the horse.
Topics Include:
How Natural Balance Dentistry Relates to Performance
Teeth and Skeleton
Dental Exam
Doing the Work
Teeth Abnormalities
What is Natural Balance (to the horseman)
120 Minutes  $19.95

**We have had the pleasure of working with and using Spence as our equine dentist for a number of years. Our horses & mule love him! I (Terri) am a newly retired dental hygienist and have complicated TMJ issues that has taught me a lot about how critical whole mouth balancing is to the entire body be it human or animal. Spence and ourselves have been learning from each other how interrelated and important  saddle fit, balanced dentistry and proper hoof care are to the horse.  This excellent, informative DVD will educate and open your eyes to the importance and understanding of how Equine Dentistry should be done.
*Spence Laflure travels all over the country teaching and treating horses, if you would like to contact him check out his web site at

Dilly’s Story-
Dilly is our wonderful saddle mule we bought in May of 2009. We could see in Dilly’s body she was very out of balance due to what we think was caused from a past trailer accident about 4 years earlier.  Untreated Dilly stood on her own with her body always bent way to the left and it was very hard for her to bend to the right. Spence could see how this chronic abnormal posture created an irregular and unhealthy wear pattern in her teeth. After Spence balanced her mouth it was so different for her she couldn’t eat very well until our local excellent Equine Chiropractor Bill Hampton adjusted her TMJ and body to help her adjust and realign to her newly balanced mouth. The combined treatments made a drastic difference, Dilly immediately could eat again normally and within about a week she was standing straight, able to bend to the right and enjoying her new flexibility and comfort!!
*Bill Hampton travels all over the country teaching and treating horses, if you would like to contact him check out his web site at

Hit It Off with Your Horse!  DVD 54 Minutes  $24.95
Understanding and Influencing Character and Personality

Linda Tellington-Jones presents the definitive guide to determining your horses personality by analyzing his head and body conformation. In this video and DVD, you will accompany Tellington-Jones as she visits with seventeen different horses and their owners. She discusses each horses facial features and body type, commenting on behavior that typically accompanies specific traits and how the owner can then be aware of and work with such tendencies.
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Fluidity Connection - Vinyasa Flow Yoga for the Equestrian by Theresa Zenner Level 2 DVD: $24.99
Fluidity Connection: Level 2 is for you if you are ready to move on to a more challenging practice which will improve your mental, physical and emotional fitness. Level 2 will facilitate building strength by performing the full expression of advanced level postures versus modified postures in Level 1. This DVD also includes a booklet.
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