Breast Collars

Click here to see Breast Collars we have made in the past for ideas for your custom breast collar!

How to measure your horse for a custom breast collar. 
•1 Chest to Saddle Measurement
•2 Chest to Cinch Measurement

Breast Collars In Stock For Sale!

Tri Color Mohair Breast Collar

Mohair Breast Collar-Black w/Natural & Sorrel Accents Comes with Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware $120.00

Mohair Breast Collar-Natural w/Sorrel & Black Accents
Comes with Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware $120.00

Mohair Breast Collar-Black w/Gray Accents
Comes with Brass or Stainless Steel Hardware $120.00

Royal Blue & Red Mohair Breast Collar
Leather Nara Visa Breast Collar
Leather Nara Visa Breast Collar

Closeup View

Sample of Custom Mohair Breast Collar
Royal Blue w/Red Accents with  Stainless Steel Hardware
(not 100% mohair)  

Regular Nara Visa Breast Collar
Dark Oil Antiqued
1 5/8" Brass Conchos

100% Mohair Breast Collars: $120.00
Sides are 13 strands & 3 1/2” wide by 17 1/2" from center of center ring (3") to outside of end ring (21/4").
Center starts at 11 strands & 2 1/2” wide and narrows down and is 11 1/2" from center of center ring to outside of end ring.  (These measurements do not include the leather straps for attaching to saddle or cinch.  Leather straps are very adjustable and can be customized.)

When ordering specify:
**Some custom colors available! Colors other than what we show may not be 100% Mohair.
1. Black or natural mohair for the main part of the breast collar.
2. Color of accent yarn desired.
3. Color of leather straps.
4. Nickel or solid brass hardware.
5. If you want any snaps on the side straps or Gator snaps
(extra charge see below)
6. Measurements needed:
*From where the breast collar will attach to your saddle down to the center of the chest.
*From the center of the chest to your cinch.

Straps for Mohair Breast Collar:
The standard set of straps will be made out of skirting leather or harness leather, oiled or stained, brass or chrome over brass hardware. Side Straps will have 1” Buckles . Bottom Strap will have a 1” Snap & 1” Conway Buckle.  If you have a smaller horse or a larger more muscular horse, measurements may be necessary to determine appropriate strap length.
Use Locking Gator Snaps or Clips with Conway buckles for the side straps:
     Gator Snaps $18.00 each (brass only)
     Clips with Conway buckles  $20.50 each clip (brass only)
*See picture below of Gator Snap. Flat on the bottom and locks closed if desired.

*Snaps on the side straps won’t work if you are going to attach the straps to your rigging ring because the snaps would be too small.

Locking Gator Snaps
$18.00 each
1” or 3/4" swivel loop
*Solid Brass Only-Does not include D-ring