Saddle Bags

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Custom Saddle Bags are made from high quality leather and are designed and stained to fit your saddle. Custom tooling to special pockets add to the customization.  Conchos and buckles also add to the custom quality of the saddle bag.

Custom Saddle Bag
Custom Saddle Bag

Small Saddle Bags for "Day Ride" items!

Water Pocket (Stainless Steel Water Bottle)
WTM503-SS  $29.95

Trial Max Water Pocket
Trail Max Water Pocket

Trail Max Pommel Pocket
8" L X 2" W X 2 1/2" H
WTM170-GR  $10.95
20% Off

Trail Max Pommel Pocket
8" L X 2" W X 2 1/2" H
WTM170-BK  $10.95
20% Off

Trail Max Front Pocket
Padded Main Compartment
3 1/2"W X 6"H X 1 1/2"D
WTM502  $19.95

Trail Max Pommel Bag

Trail Max Pommel Pocket
Black with tan
8"L X 1 1/2"W X 3 1/2"H
WTM570   $15.50

Larger Saddle Bags and Accessories for "Overnight Rides" or "Pack Trips"!

Saddle Bags (Back Pockets)

Horn Bags

Trail Max Saddle Bags
Trail Max Saddle Pockets
Trail Max Saddle Pockets
Trail Max Pommel/Horn Bags
Trail Max Horn Bags

Trail Max Back Pockets
Water Resistant w/weather tight zippers
Padded & Insulated
10 1/2" H X 7 1/2" W X 5 1/2" D each side
WTM501  $74.95

Trail Max Horn Bags
Water Resistant w/removable liners

Junior Pommel/Horn Bags
8 1/2" H X 7" W X 4" D
WTM150  $27.95
Original Horn Bags
11" H X 8 1/2" W X 4" D
WTM250  $31.95

Large Saddle Bag
14" X 12" X 6"
CB300   $66.83
20% Off

Other Saddle Accessories

Right side has an additional
water bottle pocket!

Left side has an additional
storage pocket!

Fanno Saw & Leather Scabbard

19"  WSC120-L   $117.95
24"  WSC123-L   $131.95