Shu Flies

AAHH200-DM3  $27.00
Mule Tail Shu Flies
Approx. 13" including brass ring.

Shu Fly HH200DM3#1 Sorrel Black White

#1 Sorrel/Black/White

#2 Grey/Black/Sorrel

#3 White/Sorrel/Black

#4 Black/White/Sorrel

#5 Sorrel/White/Black

WWHH19R  $45.00
Rawhide Braided Top Shu Flies
Approx. 13" - 15" including ring.


Mixed Brown



AAHH213  $39.00
Hitched Horse Hair Top Shu Flies
Approx. 14" including brass ring.

#1 Black

#2 Sorrel

#3 White

#4 Mix Brown

Shu-Fly, Whip, Quirt





Shu Flies and Mule Bells

Did you know that the term “3-bell mule” dates back to the days when the Cavalry used horses and mules in the military?  When a green (unbroke) mule was enlisted, its tail was shaved.

When the mule was  able to pack, (packsaddle broke) its tail hair had grown back and a tassel (or “bell”) was trimmed on the tail, one-bell mule.

When the mule learned to drive, a second tassel was trimmed below the first, two-bell mule.

Finally, when the mule was saddle broken, a third tassel was trimmed below the second, three-bell mule.  This mule could pack, drive and ride.

The bells shaved in the mule's tail told the troops their level of training and capability as the mule was transferred to different divisions.

One, two & three bell tassels (shu flies) are reminiscent of days of old and still apply to the Mules of today!