Custom Chinks, Chaps, and Armitas

Out West Saddlery's beautiful custom chinks, custom chaps, and armitas can be made specifically for you, usually in 4 weeks or less. We use only the highest quality leather, and never make two pairs exactly alike. Your chinks, chaps, or armitas will last you for many years of riding, and will not only protect you from the elements, but make you look great while you're at it! 

"You tell a horse, 'Don't worry, I just want to climb on you, in a posture to how a lion would kill a horse'.......and then you say, 'Oh, one more thing, I want to strap the hides of dead animals on you'. 
He's got to believe in you, and amazingly enough, they'll let you do it.'"
- Buck Brannaman.