Horse Health & Communication

Natural Balance Dentistry

Horseman's Guide to Natural Balance Dentistry
by Spence LaFlure, Neuro Muscular Dentist

Topics Include:
*How Natural Balance Dentistry Relates to Performance
*Teeth and Skeleton
*Dental Exam
*Doing the Work
*Teeth Abnormalities
*What is Natural Balance (to the horseman)

Special Guests include:
Ronnie Willis, Professional Horseman
Heather Mac, V.M.D.
Dino Frettered, Equine Bodywork Specialist.

Run Time:                          $19.95

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Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider

Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider
by Janice Dulak

In this DVD, popular Pilates Instructor and dressage rider Janice Dulak breaks down the body into nine essential "parts" that riders often are not even aware they have, let alone actively engage and use.  And yet, these nine essentials are the key to "speaking" to your horse with sophistication and eloquence.

By using the body like a dancer would, and by incorporating the "Magic Circle" exercise ring in a series of exercises, riders get a workout that targets and trains these specific and very important muscles and muscle group in ways that will instantly apply to their riding.

Run Tim:  57 Minutes     $29.95   Take 20% Off