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Exciting news! Bob was commissioned to build a saddle for an up coming movie “Out Of The Wild”!  Story & script written by horsemanship clinician Mark Rashid!  The saddle is done! For more pictures and the back story of the saddle see our Out of the Wild Movie Saddle Album!
ilming begins September 2015!!

Out West Saddlery, LLC

Bob Beecher ~ Saddle Maker
Terri Beecher ~ Pardner
Estella Ray ~ Assistant Saddler

Most of our RESALE items in the store are now 20% off until gone NOT including anything we have made and a few select items we will continue to have available for our custom made items.

**At the top of select pages on our web site is marked in Red if any or all of the items are included in the close out.  The pages will be updated throughout this process.

We are continuing a full line of our custom items (saddles, pads, chinks, headstalls etc)  See explanation below why we are restructuring NOT closing! 

We are located in the beautiful mountain community of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We moved here because of our love of the incredible mountain horseback riding available all around us. In our search for quality, unusual, functional equipment with authentic old time/vaquero cowboy style, we found there was a short supply, so we decided to pool our talents and began Out West Saddlery as a business in 1996!

Our passion is educating horse owners, trainers, breeders and horse health practitioners about whole horse health, and teaching how to evaluate the fit of any saddle on any horse and how to solve fitting problems with the Therapeutic Saddle Fitting Pads we design and make in-shop (also see our Saddle Fitting Philosophy & Saddle Fitting Guide pages).
We encourage saddles like our Vaquero Wade Stock Saddles that gives close contact to the horse and encourages proper placement of the rider, in a centered position, which is best for the horse and rider's balance, and puts the rider's weight where the horse can structurally handle it best.

We specialize in very high quality, creative, truly custom cowboy gear that Bob Beecher, Saddle Maker, and Estella Cumberford, Apprentice Saddler make by hand. Most everything we create is one of kind!

December 2014 -
It is with great excitement and a bit of sadness that we want to share with our loved, valued customers and friends, that Bob and I have decided after 18 years we are going to restructure Out West Saddlery, LLC.  It is time to slow down and make time for family, friends and again enjoying the very things that got us into this business and brought us to Pagosa Springs, CO……..our love of riding, fishing, camping and the beautiful wilderness.

To accomplish this, we are closing out most of the store/retail part of the business.  We will continue making custom items and our main passion:  Sharing and educating about whole horse health, providing high quality, custom and stock saddles that are healthy for today’s horses and riders.  We will also be making custom saddle accessories including our therapeutic saddle fitting pad and one of kind custom chinks, chaps, spur straps etc.  Terri will be focusing more on doing energetic evaluations of horses and mules (using mane hair samples) setting up herb programs to balance and clean body systems including mental, emotional and physical.

Bob & Terri Beecher
Out West Saddlery