Mark Rashid

Mark is one our personal favorite horseman/clinicians!
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SITTING THE TROT In this Hi-Definition documentary style DVD, Horsemanship Clinician and author Mark Rashid and his wife Crissi McDonald take the viewer through easy to understand steps on learning how to comfortably and effectively sit the trot. Included are not only clear instructions and demonstrations but also clips from Mark’s clinics in which he works with students on sitting the trot. Additional subjects covered include: rider intent and balance, the similarity of size and movement between horse and rider, the line of motion in a rider’s body that the horse’s movement generates and troubleshooting. Running time: One hour, six minutes (May 2010) $39.00 Sale Price $20.00!

GROUND DRIVING 101 In this DVD, Mark takes viewers through the steps he uses when introducing horses - whether the young untrained horse or the older more experienced horse - to the art of ground driving. Covered in this DVD are ways to help desensitize a horse to driving lines, ideas on how to help the handler become more competent when using driving lines, starting a horse on the basics of longeing, and continuing on to more advanced longeing. He then goes on to demonstrate ground driving (including turning, stopping and backing) in both a halter and bridle. Also included in this DVD is a bonus section on how to braid your own driving lines! Running time: One hour, thirty minutes  (Dec 2005) $49.00 Sale Price $25.00!

SONG OF THE PRAIRIE Many people in the horse world are familiar with Mark Rashid as an internationally-known clinician, horse trainer and author of four books. However, this project shows another side of Mark. For almost as long as he has been working with horses and cattle (over 40 years), he has also been a professional musician and singer/songwriter. In fact, over the years, Mark has either played with or opened for recording artists such at Michael Martin Murphy, Larry Groce (of the NPR radio program Mountain Stage), The Marshal Tucker Band, the Dixie Dregs, and Pure Prairie League, just to name a few. In this, his first solo CD, Mark has put together a collection of songs that tell the very special story of a Colorado Ranch between the years 1858 and 1930. Mark wrote all of the songs on the CD (with the exception of two) and plays acoustic guitars, resonator guitar, guitar synthesizer, banjo, piano and keyboards as well as the vocals. $15.00 Sale Price $7.50!